It's always nice to get to know your neighbors. It helps you feel a strong sense of community, and it's comforting to know that you have people you can rely on in case of an emergency, such as if you lock yourself out of your house, need someone to jump a dead car battery or run out of sugar when baking. If you're lucky, you get neighbors like this, who would risk their own safety to help you and your family.

But what about when your neighbors are less like the folks on Leave it to Beaver and more like the ones on Cops? The results can make an otherwise perfect home seem unbearable. Some people are even forced to move to avoid their awful neighbors.

The following people reveal their worst experiences with what we figure are probably the world's worst neighbors, and their stories range from hilariously bizarre to heartbreakingly sad to downright horrifying. By the end of this article, you'll be feeling a whole heck of a lot better about your own neighbors. Sure, they can be noisy sometimes, but at least they've never come after you with a hatchet!

"Cop here. I went to a disturbance call where two neighbors were blowing leaves at each other with leaf blowers."

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"They were actually mad while doing this." -jkorpela

"We live near a protected area for endangered animals. One of the animals that the sanctuary is meant to protect is bald eagles."

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"Since we live next to a field, it's pretty common for an eagle to sit on our porch and disembowel its rabbit for dinner. We have a neighbor that keeps calling the cops on us because the bird is on our property and claims it is traumatizing his innocent children. He treats us like we're the ones murdering fluffy bunnies for our own amusement." -LadySmuag

"Looked out of my window to see my neighbor leaning over my 6ft high fence, and stretching right into my yard to saw some of the main branches off my tree."

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"My tree had never extended over the fence and her limb-hacking killed it. A few months later, she cut one of the wires attached to our boundary fence that was holding up shade cloth in my back yard. I called the cops on her. A couple of weeks later, all the plants along our boundary fence mysteriously died and seriously damaged some of my trees. I still have no idea what her problem is!" -gadget_girl

"Our neighbor has a really yappy dog named Jimmy that drives us nuts."

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"When the neighbor asked us to cut down a little tree in our yard that was casting a shadow on her garden, my husband resolved that we would cut it down only when Jimmy shut up. That is, never.

A couple of weeks later, we found the tree cut down. The maniac must have snuck into the yard at night and cut it down. I can't stand that lady." -supernanify

"A few years ago a neighbor two doors down decided to replace a fence."

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"However, they felt their backyard wasn't big enough. So they took down their existing fence. They also cut down three medium-sized trees that were on the other side of their fence, as in not on their property. Then they built the fence 5 feet onto the neighbor's property. They even bolted it to the neighbor's house. She was a single mom and a brain and breast cancer survivor who doesn't have a lot of money for litigation. I am assuming they just thought there was nothing she could do about it." -JoJack82

"When I was a baby the old lady who lived above us put a hose through the window into my cot."

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"She was trying to stop me crying I guess." -gotn

"I lived in a house that had been split into two apartments. Next door was a crackhead. Normally, crackhead kept to herself and didn't bother me except to bum a cigarette or two every few days."

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"One day she needed a smoke, but I was down to my last pack, and payday wasn't for another three days, so I said no. She must have really needed a smoke because it was like a rage switch had been turned on in her head.

I turned around and went back into my apartment to get away from her screaming at me, and she went back into her apartment and started pounding on the walls. At least I thought she was just pounding on the walls. Turns out that she grabbed a hammer and was smashing her way through the walls to my apartment.

I called her boyfriend who was basically a decent dude, and he rushed home and got her calmed down. The hole in the walls was basketball-sized by the time she was stopped. Luckily for me, they were already being evicted, so I didn't have to worry about her anymore." -stopstaringatmeswan4

"About 10 years ago when we first moved into our current house, we gave our neighbors a set of keys to our house just in case of any emergencies, or if there was something we needed while away on vacation. "

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"We frequently went out of town, and my dad would go on short weekend business trips on which my mom and I would accompany him. Every time we came back, there were always subtle changes in the house, but too small to really question. Like missing condiments, not as much toilet paper on the roll, mats/rugs seemed straighter and cleaner than when we left, etc. About two months later, our family came home from our trip a day and a half earlier. We pull up to our house, and first of all, see a bunch of cars in our driveways, hear the pool and jacuzzi pumps running, and see all the lights on. We go inside only to find our neighbors throwing a dinner party of some sort with a giant mess in the kitchen, every plate, glass, and piece of silverware we owned scattered about the house, wine and liquor bottles lining the counter, a slew of people in our pool and jacuzzi, and worst of all, one of our boats missing from the dock and lifts, and the other one filled with people leaving our harbor. The look on the face of the neighbor's wife in the jacuzzi was priceless. Everyone was out in a matter of minutes, and we had the locks changed." -beachjammer421

"My neighbor is a 40-something redneck crackhead who is an abusive alcoholic."

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"One time he and his spouse were in a heated argument that could be heard throughout the entire neighborhood. My friends and I were laughing about it until I heard someone else in their house yell, 'Get off, he's bashing her head against the wall!' Well, despite being stoned as all get out, I jumped off my porch and burst into the house and grabbed the neighbor around his neck in a triangle choke like manner and choked him out until the police arrived. I think the cops knew I was baked but they were happy I prevented what might have ended in a bloody mess. They actually laughed at how red my eyes were and told me to take it easy." -zombie_lawyer

"We had this one neighbor, they had five kids and one on the way. Their father worked in an oils field so he would come home at weird times like the middle of the night and his exhaust on his car was so loud it used to wake up our 8-month-old son."

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"Every morning at 6:30 the kids would play soccer against our house, and where they would play also happened to be my son's room and window. They used to chuck rocks over the fence while I was mowing my backyard. They also had 4 chickens and 6 ducks in their backyard to keep as pets. They'd let them roam the cul-de-sac and they would poop all over my sidewalk, my porch, and my welcome mat. We lived by them for a year and finally the week before we moved out and were going to be free, one of their ducks jumps the fence and is then decapitated by my dog. It wouldn't have been so bad, but it happened right in front of the kids. I've never felt so proud, guilty, happy, and sad in such a fluctuation like that. It was as if the 12 months of agony they put me through was instantly paid back." -HungLikePlanetPluto

"My neighbor stole my cat."

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"The cat went missing for a few days, then showed up back at my doorstep. I took her back in. A few days later, there were 'Lost Cat' posters on the doors, with a picture of my cat! The neighbor came by while I was still figuring out what to tell her about the cat, and when I opened the door the cat was standing there between my legs. She was really flustered. When I told her that it was my cat and always had been, she said, 'Well, I already paid to have her shots.' I can't even fathom what she was thinking. This cat is a beautiful Bengal that likes to hang around on the steps outside of my apartment, and is obviously not a stray." -sharksblessme

"The little old lady across the street from me growing up was awful."

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"She would walk down the street in just panties yelling at the mailman to ring her doorbell no matter what was being delivered. She sat naked at the window and enjoyed traumatizing the poor man.

She 'befriended' my people-pleasing mother who felt bad for her. And then she would come over when my parents weren't there and the older kids were in charge. She would then steal and threaten to whoop us.

When her dog finally died her cop son arrested my older brothers. Why? Because she swore she saw them dump rat poison in its dish. A full doggy autopsy revealed the dog died because it was 15 and had doggy cancer.

And the kicker, when my baby sister was about 5 she told her, in front of me and my siblings, that she should die because the night she was born was the night her husband died. She then referred to her as a soul stealer for several years." -Mrs_Milkman

"Two days ago my neighbor let the air out of my tires."

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"She thinks I'm using mind control and 'no-touch torture' on her family. Believes I'm in a cult, constantly says I'm the most pathetic thing on the face of the Earth.

On Christmas a few years back she left a brown paper bag with three baby potatoes and a note that said 'redruM' on it. I've got enough stories to fill a book." -AISim

"In my first apartment, the tenant upstairs pushed his mattress against the heater (it was a wall electric unit with a turn knob) turned it on and left."

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"Almost burned the whole building down. We found out afterward that there was a warrant out for his arrest." -[deleted]

"My family friend in Chicago has a neighbor that is the biggest piece of s*** on the planet."

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"They have two little girls 8 and 10 and growing up he would yell obscenities at them. All around a terrible person. Just recently, the father was walking their golden retriever, and the neighbor pulled around the corner in his car. Once the neighbor saw the dad walking, he swerved his car and ran over the dad and the dog. The father went on life support in critical condition and is currently slowly moving on his way to recovery. The dog didn't make it." -mrshandanar

"My bogan (Australian white trash) neighbor was abusing his girl so I call the cops."

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"He thinks it was another neighbor who he has a long-running grudge against so he pooped on her doorstep and patio table. This is no bad place either. It's a 500-per week townhouse in a secure complex in the center of the city with lots of affluent residents." -MrD33

"Woke up at 2 AM to somebody screaming obscenities and firing a shotgun in my front yard."

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"Carefully looked out to see my neighbor in his underwear running towards my mailbox and 'chasing off' some people parked by my mailbox. The neighbor lived right next door, and apparently, his mailbox had been damaged recently. My mailbox is about 160 feet from the house. We live on a dead-end street, and I think the car had stopped so somebody could take a leak...." -EvilsTwin

"I used to work in real estate and I inflicted the worst neighbor from hell on a nice local subdivision (I'm sorry)."

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"They were a well-to-do elderly couple with a ridiculously demanding wife and exhausted, compliant old man. When I sold her the lot, she:

  • Questioned a neighbor about why he had a large garage (not visible from the street or her yard). She objected to his explanation that he kept a boat there and told him that 'people like you don't belong in a nice neighborhood.'

  • Asked me to send her the names and addresses of all the neighbors on the streets from the entrance to her house so she could let them know what colors they needed to paint their homes. She said she was entitled to do this because hers was the largest home and the others should complement it appropriately.

  • I didn't, so she put paint swatches, instructions and a painter's business cards in all of their mailboxes. Probably 75 homes.

  • For all homes visible from her property, she began harassing them to install copper gutters and gutter buckets because that's what she wanted to see.

  • Approached everyone using the sidewalk to admonish them about dressing up before walking through the neighborhood - shorts, jeans and sneakers weren't appropriate.

  • Told all kids that they weren't allowed to ride bikes on the street or use the sidewalks in her section of the subdivision because they made it look like a playground.

I don't know whatever came of it all, but she was a nightmare to work with. I'm sure the neighbors despise her." -Snortlaugh

"When I was 15 my family's house burned to the ground."

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"Our awful neighbors sat in lawn chairs pointing and laughing as we watched our whole lives burn down. I'll never ever as long as I live forget the smug smirk on the dad's face as he saw me and my little brothers crying over the loss of everything we knew." -NerdCacher

"My neighbors in college thought it would be fun to shoot the pellet gun in their backyard."

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"When shooting at cans wasn't satisfying they went ahead and shot my cat. I was gone at the time and when I got back home, my cat had run back in through the window to hide, blood all over the floors. Took him to the vet who removed the pellet and he died two days later from peritonitis. One of the saddest moments of my life." -montgomerygoose

"I was out mowing my lawn one day and bore witness to my neighbor being chased out of their front door by his hatchet-wielding 16-year-old son."

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"Cops were called." -DrRinds

"Neighbor's 9-year-old daughter and her friend were walking around on her two-story roof."

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"I knocked on the door to let her know that there were children on her roof and she replied with, 'What? You ain't never seen no kids up on the roof before?!' No, actually. I ain't ever seen no kids up on the roof before." -MikeyTCO

"My neighbor's chihuahua constantly got out of their fence. I would catch it and return it to their yard because it would wander into traffic. The owner didn't seem to care much."

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"After a few years of this, I was taking my daughters on a walk and the dog darted out in front of a car and was killed. My daughters witnessed this and were pretty shaken up.

The guy got a new chihuahua the NEXT DAY! It shouldn't be like a broken toaster oven you just replace.

He never fixed the fence and now the replacement dog runs out in traffic, too." -moxoto

"I live in a nice neighborhood with my wife and baby."

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"I've got new neighbors who are renting the house beside me. Yesterday, while outside in the evening, my new neighbor peed in my flower bed. Peed right on a rose bush my grandad gave me." -Jarkat

"Ten years ago we lived in a duplex."

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"The people in the other half were a couple with a teenage son. The couple often went away on weekends and I bet you can see where this is going. One night in the dead of winter the place was full of partying teenagers. We had complained numerous times, spoken to the parents and called the police several times in the past which didn't change anyone's behavior. On the night we finally managed to get to sleep, I awoke from a dead sleep to one of my children screaming. I run out and the long, narrow window to the right of my front door was shattered inward and broken glass was all over the stairs. At first, I thought someone broke in but then I see the basketball that went through the window. There are a bunch of drunken teenagers screaming and laughing outside and a few using the lawn as a washroom. I call the police and they hauled no less than 35 kids out of a two-bedroom place, two of which had been stabbed. They survived and the neighbours were finally evicted." -purplepepsidog

"My upstairs neighbor in a two-story building I lived in years ago was the worst."

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"He was a DJ, which meant he did copious amounts of blow then stayed up till 6 am pacing loudly up and down his hallway then he would pass out for a couple of hours with his techno BLASTING. He knocked a clock off my living room wall once just from the techno vibrations. The worst was one time he passed out with a frozen pizza in the oven. Didn't wake up when his apartment was filling with black smoke. My building manager had to break down his door and found him in bed totally unaware." -rachface636

"One summer day my two sisters, my brother and I are in the front yard playing volleyball."

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"Our neighbor's brother, maybe 45-50 years old, comes out with his hand covering the blood gushing from his neck and calmly asks us if he can use our phone to call an ambulance. I felt embarrassed because we were all so shocked by what we were seeing that instead of running inside to call the ambulance we just stood there and asked him what happened. One of my sisters eventually snaps out of it and goes gets the phone. Apparently, he and our neighbor got in an argument and she stabbed him with a huge kitchen knife. I think the guy lived because our neighbor didn't go to prison. I'm not exactly sure why he didn't press charges but no one ever mentioned it again." - BlueKnight8907

"I spent two hours shoveling the driveway."

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"I didn't have a plow, or snow blower, or any other such labor-saving device. We had 18 inches of snow on the ground. I left for work, arriving 20 mins late and exhausted. Less than an hour later my wife, who was 7 months pregnant, called to tell me that we'd been plowed in and she couldn't get to her doctor's appointment. I took my lunch break at 9:00 AM to go home and shovel her out. Our scumbag neighbor who drives a tuck with a plow had pushed his snow out of his driveway, and straight across the road into ours. It formed a 3-foot wall of Ice and snow, which took me another hour to dig out by hand." -Germanakzent

"My sister's boyfriend parked his car on the side of the road in front of a bad neighbor's house, so they egged it."

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"Apparently they thought it was exclusively their spot to park. My neighbors are a 70ish-year-old couple. We don't have any hard proof it was them, but the only way the egg could've hit the car in that way was if it was thrown from their front door. My mum asked them about it and they said it was common for crows to steal chicken eggs and subsequently drop them. Because that's believable." -Lowest If you think these neighbors are the worst, wait until you read about tenants.