Children are a blessing, aren't they? There's nothing like the feeling of parenting, and knowing that it's your responsibility to raise a healthy, well-adjusted, responsible adult. It's a lot to handle, and you have to keep a sense of humor about it, as these hilarious memes perfectly illustrate.

The only problem is that many parents don't see it that way, and they're more concerned with making sure their perfect little angels get everything they've ever wanted and are never held accountable for anything instead of teaching them to be caring, patient, and respectful. The result? Perfect little monsters who grow up to be rude, entitled adults, just like their parents! Notice the vicious cycle?

These examples of the worst parenting will either make you decide to never have children or suddenly feel a whole heck of a lot better about your own child-raising skills. Sure, every parent has an occasional bad day, but these people are next-level awful.

Some people really shouldn't have kids.

"When I was a preschool teacher (ages 24-30months), I had a rather unpleasant child. He was not terribly likable and that is pretty tragic when you are only two."

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"Anyway, our outside play area was covered in soft mulch to protect them if they fell. I bent down to retie a child's shoe and almost instantly heard yelling. I looked over just in time to see him pulling his hand away from a little girl's face. He stabbed her in the eye with a piece of mulch. Totally unprovoked and he was not acting out. He just looked at the stick and thought, 'oh, I'll put that here.'

So, we sent the girl to the ER with her parents and had a conference with his parents.

Apparently, they allowed this child to bite, hit, scratch, tackle, punch and otherwise attack his other family members. In fact, they encouraged it and congratulated and applauded him. His father and two older brothers thought it was fantastic. Their defense was, 'he isn't big enough to hurt anyone and he has so much fun.' They thought that teaching him to be a psycho was cute and funny." -Phantasmal

"My parents have these friends who had a kid late in life, and they let that kid run rampant. He curses, screams, kicks, bites, etc."

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"One evening, we were all sitting out in their backyard at a BBQ, and this kid drops trou on the porch steps and starts to poop. His mom yelled, 'BRYCE, GODDAMMIT, GO FURTHER OUT FOR THAT',  so the kid stops mid-pooping, waddles further out into the yard with his pants around his ankles still, and finishes. When my mom tried to say something about it, the kid's mom got up in arms and said, 'What the hell are you expecting from him? He's only 5.'" -CowtheHankDog

"This one time all us cousins were playing in the backyard having fun when one cousin (I'll call Sam) decided to grab a full-sized branch and smack another cousin (I'll call Alice) in the face with it."

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"Not only did it cut her to the point blood soaked her shirt, but she ended up having to get stitches all over her face. His mother didn't even bother getting up to see if Alice was okay even though she was the one watching us. And when she was confronted by Alice's mother, she merely replied, 'Boys will be boys.' Poor Alice carries the scars to this day." -Lollipop169

"My ex-sister-in-law defended her 13-year-old son after he punched a 2-year-old by saying 'He's got anger control issues, it's not his fault!'"

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"Granted, she's right that he has issues, but when the 2-year-old's mom got angry she acted like the other mom was crazy." -Diredoe

"My friend, my brother and his friend, and I were once at our summerhouse."

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"So my friend and I were jumping on our trampoline and having a blast, and my brother's friend comes along and picks up a rock, puts it in his 'slingshot' and shoots it right in her left eye. So she is crying and we both go to my dad, who is talking to my brother's friend's mother. We tell her (his mother) what happened, and my brother and his friend are right beside us, still playing with the slingshot, and his mother tells us how it wasn't his fault, that it was an accident and that we were in the way of his slingshot, that it was our fault. She then proceeds to ask her son if he did it, while still kind of defending him, and he says the most priceless thing I've ever heard. ''Yeah, I shot her in the eye.' His mom is all quiet for a few seconds and then proceeds to tell us that he's joking. He's now a criminal." -[deleted]

"I'd just given the first quiz of the year in my Chem class, a lab safety quiz."

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"I graded it, handed it back to students so we could go over the answers and they could write out the correct answers to every question they missed on a separate piece of paper, then collected everything back. One girl had taken white-out and changed her grade at the top, using a different color of pen and not even trying to imitate my handwriting. Her cop dad came in and denied, denied, denied. We showed him the test, and he claimed that there was no whiteout on it. My boss scraped it off right in front of him, revealing the original grade underneath. He insisted I must be trying to frame the girl." -jmurphy42

"Went into a shop where a little kid was running about crazy."

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"I stand in line to ask the staff a question. The boy runs up and kicks me as hard as he can.

Mother told me, 'It is because you are a stranger." Yeah, because that absolves your child from being wrong, does it? He is a stranger to me and I never kicked him in the face back, did I?" -SyanticRaven

"My wife's older sister doesn't believe in disciplining her kids. No discipline at all. They can do whatever they want."

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"One time we were having dinner and the 3-year-old daughter is standing on her mom's chair between her legs. She leans over the table and plants both hands into the salad bowl just as I was going for some. She then just stays in that position with her back bent at 90 degrees. There was a long silence.

My wife looked at her sister who did nothing and then walked outside to keep from exploding at her. I excused myself too. What a waste of a beautiful salad that was." -FerociousImbecile

"One of my brothers was playing around with my friend's older brother."

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"I think he was telling him that Rancid (the punk band) sucked or something. Instead of telling him 'F-you' or 'You don't know what you're talking about', this older brother took the ottoman from the family room and threw it at my brother's head. WWF style.

This kid's parents were sitting at the dinner table with my parents and instead of getting up to see if my brother was okay or if he had a concussion, they went to him and asked, 'Why did you provoke him?'

My dad kicked them out." -haddadda

"I was working retail one day and this kid of about 6-9 years old comes in with his mother."

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"It was a pretty busy day and we had associates everywhere trying to get work done. This kid comes in and starts picking up things off the shelves, looking and them briefly, and then proceeds to throw them over his shoulder and move on. I then have to approach them and ask them if they 'need any help finding something today'.

The boy just grunts and keeps moving on throwing things off the shelves, and at his point, I go grab my M.O.D and tell them to get him out of the store because it's going to be my butt that has to clean that up. When he goes and approaches the woman she starts yelling 'THIS IS MY F-ING RIGHT AND HIS F-ING RIGHT AS CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY TO DO WHAT WE PLEASE'.

We had to threaten to call security to get them to leave." -The_Space_Cowboy

"When I was in junior high school, I was kind of a loser. I had been fat and quiet throughout my childhood, and I had maybe two friends, the rest of my class bullying me pretty much nonstop."

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"Suddenly, the puberty fairy came, and I grew about a foot and a half with pretty nice boobs and a decent butt without gaining a pound overall. This guy I knew early on kept telling everyone that I grew boobs because I was a slut. He mocked me relentlessly for my perceived sexual indiscretions. I tried to ignore him, but when he tried to pull up my skirt one day in the halls, I had enough. I reported him to the teacher and the guidance counselor, and he got in a minimal bit of trouble.

His mom came in to have a little talk with my mom in attendance. She said it was just a case of 'boys being boys' so he shouldn't be punished, and anyway, 'From what I've heard from [son's name] everyone's seen it all already anyway.'"  -[deleted]

"When I first got my cellphone in high school, it made my little brother (we shall call him Derp, age 12) jealous."

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"So Derp was mad that he didn't get a phone. Mind you, he is 3 years younger than me. Derp then took a knife and scratched the crap out of the screen. I tell my parents, and they blame me for leaving my phone in the kitchen near the knives. Derp doesn't even get in trouble. Two months later he gets an iPhone, and I'm stuck with my messed up Samsung flip phone." -firefoxtrot

"My sister Ramona is very protective of her 9-year-old son Jayce. My other sister Shannan has a 5-year-old named Martin."

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"One day, Jayce and Martin were playing DS and Martin beat Jayce on some Mario Cart level. Jayce thought it was a good idea to grab the decorative sword off the wall and hit Martin in the head with it. Martin is crying and bleeding everywhere. It was a bad scene.

When Shannan comes to pick up her kid, Ramona says she shouldn't have brought Martin over if she didn't want him to bleed. She also refused to talk to the family after we suggested taking the sword away or suggesting the kid might need help." -N8_MCSE

"My daughter, at the time a freshman in high school, got shot with a BB gun-walking home from school one day. It clipped the back of her calf, broke the skin and caused horrible bruising."

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"I called the school, and the school involved the police. The next day the cops were riding the neighborhood when my daughter hears the BB gun being fired again. She runs and grabs the cop around the corner, who proceeds to go door to door. The neighbors direct the cop to the home where the kids are doing it, the cop even finds their little stakeout spot with BBs all over the ground and a clear shot to the road where my daughter was hurt.

The mom got LIVID when the cop came to her door. She admitted that her kids owned a BB gun but swore her boys would NEVER do something that. She refused to let the cops talk to her boys. Basically, the little one got away with aggravated assault. I'm just grateful they only got her leg and not her face." -VonIsengard

"My 11-year-old cousin-in-law lives with his grandmother because she has internet and he can stay on the computer all day."

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"He craps his pants while sitting at the computer because he doesn't want to get up to use the bathroom. His grandma made up a colon disorder for it." -sonofgoom

"Years ago my wife and I were eating at a nice restaurant. Three kids at a nearby table were pretty much out of control, running around, yelling, etc. while the parents ignored them."

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"We asked to see the manager, he came out, and we told him the kids were ruining our meal. He went to the table and asked the parents to keep the kids under control. They told him to go f-himself. He told them to pay up and leave immediately. An argument ensued.

As this was happening one of the kids, sensing that he was not being watched, took off and ran outside the restaurant. The subsequent hunt took about 15 cops and firefighters, most of the restaurant staff, and some of the patrons (not me, I got to relax and finish my meal).

The kid was found in about 30 minutes. Of course, the parents were beside themselves and blaming everyone but themselves. News crew shows up, and the mother made an ass of herself on local TV, blaming the restaurant. My wife was interviewed as well, but she made the parents look like fools and complimented the restaurant.

The whole thing left me with such a bad taste in my mouth that I never went back there. Only redeeming part of that evening was that we got a free meal." -DallasITGuy

"As a lifeguard, I have to enforce rules to kids all day."

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"One time, a boy around 10 years old was just running around wildly by the side of the pool, pushing other kids in. I was constantly blowing my whistle and telling him to calm down, walk, and don't push other people in. He didn't stop; instead, he ran straight to his grandmother (who he was at the pool with) and told her that I was yelling at him.

She proceeds to walk over to me while I'm on the stand, and make a scene about why I hollered at her kid. I told my manager when I got down off the stand, and he went and talked to the grandmother. She then apologized with a measly 'Kids will be kids.' No, your kid is a disrespectful little snot." -RJNDesigner

"My mom has a hearing assistant/balance dog named Chloe. While there are a wealth of horror stories that her poor dog has gone through, the worst one involving a child took place in the dentist office."

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"I was with my Mom in the lobby waiting for my appointment when a child, probably 6 or so, ran over to Chloe. At first, he tries to pet her, and my mom proceeds to point to the 'Do not pet' on Chloe's vest and attempts to start explaining that she is a working dog. Halfway through, the child literally starts KICKING Chole in the face, running away, and then running back and trying to do it again.

I immediately went over to the women assistant people at the window thingmajig and told them about it. They were obviously seeing the child's vicious attempts to kill my mother's dog but whispered, 'He's the child of our boss, we can't do anything.' Needless to say, both of us get angry enough to make the dentist come out. He shrugs, tells us that his wife had to go to a doctor's appointment and that there was 'nothing he could do.' We immediately left.

My Mom made a couple of angry phone calls, but despite my best efforts, I couldn't convince her to sue. It took weeks before Chloe stopped being scared of small children running towards her again." -thefluffyburrito

"I have a friend that works in a store that is like a Build-A-Bear, as you can guess he comes across a lot of bratty children."

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"Once a little boy ran in and starting throwing bears off the shelves. He then managed to pry open a door which led to the front store window where there was a toy Ferris wheel for the bears. He started destroying it. It was worth well over $700. This entire time the mom was just standing there watching him." -BatmansNygma

"My family owns a chocolate store in a major mall, and children are our nightmare, and the cause of many of our problems."

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"We routinely have to remelt chocolate figures and especially chocolate golf balls because kids squeeze them to feel if they are solid, snapping or shattering them. They also put both hands-on and LICK the glass display case for our small chocolates.

By far, the best was when a kid stuck his hand between the glass panes of a display rack for caramel apples to try to grab one, and got his hand stuck. The mother immediately stood there yelled at us as her child cried, hand stuck between the glass." -njechoalpha

"I worked a crappy job taking little league sports team photos."

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"I was posing a 7 year old for a baseball picture when he swung the metal bat and smashed my shin. It hurt like hell. So his mom then busts out laughing and then says something about needing to choke up on the bat. It swelled up pretty instantly, and was pretty obvious it hurt me pretty badly, but she never once even said sorry." -durtle

"At the zoo, two parents were sitting on a bench while their kids were looking at the red pandas."

"The little girls start banging on the glass, so a friend I'm with tells them, 'Please don't bang on the glass' per every single sign in the zoo. The dad comes up and pushes him back and says 'I got this, buddy.'

Later I overhear the mom saying, 'Don't listen to that man, he has NO right to tell you what to do.'" -Peener13

"I was rollerskating with my girlfriend, and there were a couple of kids who were maybe 10 years old who kept swerving right in front of us, trying to trip us."

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"I told their dad what was going on, and he just brushed it off with the bullshit 'Boys will be boys. What are you gonna do?' So the next time they swerved in front of us, my girlfriend knocked one of the kids on his butt and he started crying. I hi-fived the crap out of her."-HxCop

"I was in a theater with my father to watch movie years back, A mother comes in with her daughters and I imagine a bunch of her friends. They sit at the very back."

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"They would not shut up, just kept yap yap yapping the entire time, after numerous times having been asked by an usher politely to keep it down. After 30 mins or so into the movie I guess one guy near the front (yes they were that loud) stands up, takes a deep breath and yells out 'SHUT THE F-UP OR I WILL MAKE YOU SHUT UP!'

The entire theater goes silent and applause bursts out as the entire movie theater starts clapping for the guy. I guess at that point the ushers kicked them out." -Whelm

"I was in a playgroup when I was just before school age and we would take turns to have the group day at our houses."

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"One time when it was at my house, one of the boys (the most horrid boy I have ever met) cornered my younger sister (about 2 at the time) in the bathroom and smacked her over the head with a snow globe. I told my mum what happened while my sister sat crying. Mum turned around to tell the kid off but he comes running up to his mum crying and she says, 'What's wrong Gavin? Did someone accuse you of doing something you didn't do?'" -justabitmoresonic

"My little brother was about 7 or 8 at the time and was playing with another boy in the neighborhood who was the same age."

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"The boy threw a rock and hit my brother in the head, which didn't do any significant damage, but hurt and made him bleed a little bit. When the father of the boy found out he said, 'You might get a chore for this.'" -Bad_W0lf

"I used to work at a bakery in a boutique shopping center."

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"These stuck-up stay-at-home moms would bring their children in, buy them cupcakes and just leave them in the shop while they perused the other stores. The kids would smear icing all over the chairs and bar, spill milk and throw their half-eaten cupcakes on the floor. After about an hour, the moms would come back and pick up their kids but leave the mess for us to clean. WE AREN'T YOUR BABYSITTERS." -megballs

"One of my cousins shoved a fork up his aunt's nose during a birthday party and his mom did basically nothing."

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"He was 4 or 5 at the time. She was the under-reacting parent of the decade and that's why that boy was such a horrible little thing until he finally got sent away for a few years." -trampus1

"I used to work as a camp counselor for my town and we had one boy who was notoriously hyperactive."

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"He was never violent, just extremely high energy. He took Ritalin for it and he was absolutely perfect at reminding us that we needed to give him his pill. In short, the kid was awesome, just a little wound up.

Well, near the end of the summer, his mother couldn't bring him in, so his father started bringing him in every morning. With a large iced cappuccino. Never in my life have I seen a child with so much energy. It reached a point where I'd bring him outside and start jogging around the soccer field with him just to let lose a little energy.

Giving your 11-year-old with ADHD iced cappuccinos at 7 am makes me hate you." -BrettTheThreat

"When I was 6 or 7 I was at a friend's birthday at Discovery Zone. I was playing Ski-Ball at one of those long rows of machines, so it wasn't very clear where your tickets came out and whose were whose."

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"So when tickets start flowing out of the slot and pile up next to my feet, I grab them up thinking they were mine. Next thing I know, this boy is yelling and me and trying to rip the tickets out of my hand, demanding I give him his tickets back. Well, being a shy, first-grade girl, fight or flight kicked in and I turned and ran.

I ran out of the arcade and jumped into the ball pit because I thought I might be safe there, but he chases me in and proceeds to knock me down and stomp on my face with his soccer cleats. He then yanks the tickets out of my hand and leaves.

I eventually pick myself up and go back out into the arcade. Next thing I know, Mr. Soccer Cleats has brought over Mr. Soccer Cleats Senior who is now yelling in my face for taking his son's tickets. I ended up repeatedly apologizing while trying not to cry, and saying I didn't know they were his tickets. They eventually stormed off leaving me in tears.

Needless to say, that memory has always stayed with me." -kbennett14580