People Reveal the Worst Reasons to Date Someone | 22 Words

Listen up, people who date! Dating is hard. It is not fun to play the dating game since it is constantly changing. What apps do people actually meet each other on these days? There's Tinder, which seems like it's for the elderly, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel and Chicken Coop. (OK, I made up that last one.) But you didn't even know that, did you?

Dating is hard, especially in 2018, but one aspect of it has not changed much over the years. And that is the reason why you should not date someone. There are healthy and unhealthy reasons to date a specific person, and the people of Twitter came together to share all those reasons with us. These are bad, bad, bad reasons to sit down at a dinner table with someone. So take heed, take notes, and maybe use these to evaluate your own dating life.

Sometimes when you're on a date, you just have a feeling this isn't meant to be.

But can you always trust yourself to make the right decision? The people of Twitter came together to share #BadReasonsToDateSomeone, and they accurate.

For the retweets

Sure, they might like your tweets because they also like you, but that online validation is not a reason to date someone. Make sure you enjoy the rest of the person before you date them.

Song inspiration

Look, if you happen to write a hit pop song after you break up, great, but it's probably not healthy to date someone specifically because they might break your heart in a way that inspires you to write a song.

Hot brother

Yep, this is a recipe for disaster. You should not date someone for the purpose of getting close to their brother. No Bueno.

Credit score

I'm not really clear about how dating someone could help your credit score unless you end up marrying them, and that's like, a lot.

Employee discount

I mean, yes, this is good advice, but it also depends on where they work and just how good that discount is. Just sayin'.

Tired of being alone

This is definitely a bad reason to date someone. You don't want to be stuck with someone who's not right for you. That's never better than being alone.

Biological clock

Listen, most of what we think we know about biological clocks is totally wrong. Don't settle for the wrong person because you're worried about your biological clock.

Help paying

Sure, this is a bad reason to date someone, but if you just want a free meal, there's no harm in going on a date for that reason...once in a while.

To "fix" someone

Oh no. This is just about the worst reason to date someone. You may know this and still fall for someone who needs rescuing.

Eye contact

There's a pleasant amount of eye contact, and then there is a creepy amount of eye contact. You don't want to date someone solely based on any amount of eye contact.

The dog

Listen, I know how amazing dogs are. And it is really tempting to date someone because their dog is great. But if the person isn't for you, then it's going to end badly.

Just like you

The idea that "opposites attract" became popular for a reason. If you are too similar to your partner, that could create problems.

Names rhyme

It's tempting because of what those wedding invitations could look like, but this is a really bad idea.


Here me when I say that you could easily learn how to make a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You don't need to settle for someone if that's their only positive trait.


It might feel good at first, but I am afraid it won't feel good for very long. It's also unfair to the person you are dating.

Your spelling got in on the conversation! And this may be a bad idea, but it's definitely not the worst one on the list.

Scared of them

This is possibly the worst reason to date someone. If you are scared of them or what they will do if you break up with them, please tell someone. Get out of the situation as safely as possible.

Family resemblance

This is a bad reason to start dating someone. It is something you usually notice around six months into a relationship and then have to determine how important it can be.

Family reunion

Oh yeah, actually, this is the worst reason to date a person. It's mainly wrong due to the fact that incest is illegal.

Serial killer

Who looks like a serial killer? You don't realize someone looks like a serial killer until they're outed as a serial killer, and then you're like, "Oh yeah, he looks like a serial killer."


This is a horrible reason. Especially if you already know this person isn't for you, but you're just trying to invite yourself.

Don't want to die alone

No one wants to die alone. But that shouldn't be the only reason that you date someone. If they've got nothing else going for them other than the fact that they are a living human being, then that's not good.

For a visa

Have you ever seen that show 90 Day Fiancé? It's like a textbook for why you shouldn't date someone for a green card. But it is good television.

A clone of your last boyfriend

Don't date someone just because they remind you of an ex who that miss. That is weird and terrible.

Sam's Club

It's definitely not a good idea to date someone just for their Sam's Club membership. A Costco membership, however? That's a different story.

Zombie apocalypse

This may seem like a bad reason to date someone, but when the zombie apocalypse happens, you might be singing a different tune.

Netflix password

Look, you can get a Netflix password almost anywhere these days. But if they have a Hulu or HBOGo login, that's something you'd have to consider.

"Bohemian Rhapsody"

Knowing all the words to this iconic Queen song may be a bad reason to date someone, but it is a requirement for being a human being.

Killing spiders

Actually, this one makes sense to me. Share this with a friend who you can talk to about dating!