Have you ever had a strange experience on Tinder? Many people have, which is most likely why the Tinder Nightmares Instagram account has amassed such a huge following. They show off the best (and worst) of the dating app. And you won't believe how bad 'the worst' really is!

When it comes to flirting, these people didn't hold back. From strange jokes to startling accounts of someone's day, the following pickup lines are quite unique. If love is just a game, then these people have a crazy playing strategy!

You may even find that some of the pickup lines are, grudgingly, kind of cute. After all, if you can't be a master of flirting, at least you can be one-of-a-kind! Check out 30 of the best worst Tinder pickup lines you'll ever see.

What's your vote: clever or dumb?

We all know it's pronounced Yu're -tindernightmares

So, what are your thoughts on...?

That’s a funny way to find out about a really niche interest.

Not a pickup line, just hilarious:

This is the worst way to sell a TV. -tindernightmares

We're all looking for that missing piece.

That is actually kind of cute.

When accuracy gets you brownie points.

Seven layers of hell sometimes isn't deep enough. -tindernightmares

Calling all Mexican food enthusiasts.

Who doesn’t love a food-based pick-up line?

Nostalgia-based flirting:

Hmm. Do you think that’s a good or bad "oh no?" 

An interesting turn of events:

This isn't a pickup line, but it's still funny. It's also not the weirdest (or worst) thing that’s ever been written over Tinder.

Self-awareness is key.

Know your path! -tindernightmares

Everything is moving so fast.

This fits every definition of "jumping the gun."

This guy has some beef with iTunes.

Tinder: connecting you with the hottest singles in your area. 

There’s nothing like total appreciation.

It’s kinda nice to know they can take a rejection really well.

True harmony is making the joke better…together.

How many responses to that line have there been?

Flirting requires some chill.

Aw, Dan is getting a little overexcited.

A thoughtful person anticipates their partner’s needs.

Curtis understands what women want.

The most PERFECT pickup line ever:

Sorry, did we say perfect? We meant most mentally scarring.

A good pickup-line is intellectually stimulating.

But…what’s the correct answer?!

Chloe just needs some help.

I wonder if the taxes got done?

Now that’s a tricky puzzle.

Not bad, Spencer. Not bad. -tindernightmares

Anything is possible.

Safety first when messaging strangers!

Of all the dairy-related humor, he goes with this: ;

This is actually, well, pretty terrible. -tindernightmares

Okay, this is just a straight-up lame joke:

It’s kind of funny, though.

Ah, the power of logic.

Honestly, what answer were you expecting?

This seems a little aggressive and gross.


In a way, this worked.

Too bad reverse psychology failed. I wonder if they got that $20.

Matthew is asking the deep questions.

This is the question we all ask ourselves. -tindernightmares

This guy is a real winner.

Whoa. 9:37? Now that’s a man.

Here’s a fun icebreaker:

A relationship built on trust. -tindernightmares

This is a strange way to give a compliment:

Gee whiz, Gurt. Cynical much?

Have you ever seen a Black Friday-themed Tinder flirt?

Black Friday is coming up in a couple of months, in case you need a very specific pick-up line for the occasion. Share this Tinder-loving story with your friends!