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World War II is a major landmark in history. Society certainly wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for the victory of the American soldiers, as well as the soldiers who fought from all over the world, who played their part in the war.

And seventy years down the line, the veterans that fought for our freedom continue to give us heartwarming stories such as this one. Chuck Franzk decided to post a video online where he was dancing to a Justin Timberlake song and we've all fallen in love with him.

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A lengthy and brutal war...

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World War II was fought between the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan) and the Allied powers (United Kingdom, United States, Soviet Union, and France). It began in 1939 and finally came to an end in 1945. The 400 million estimated deaths caused by WW2 made it the bloodiest conflict, as well as the largest war, in history.

The United States played an enormous part in the Great War.

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The attack from Japan on Pearl Harbour in 1941 marked the United State's first involvement in the war; this attack is still, today, considered one of the most brutal attacks in war history. An estimated total of 418,500 Americans died during WW2, including both military and civilians.

Not many were lucky enough to make it home...

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Out of the sixteen million American soldiers that served in WW2, only a small percentage were lucky enough to return home. The ones that did come home, however, brought back memories that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

But they didn't let that stop them from living their lives.

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Meet Chuck Franzke, a ninety-seven-year-old navy pilot who loves to dance.

On Monday, he decided to post a video that quickly went viral.

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As part of MondayMotivation, the former pilot decided to put a smile on our faces during self-isolation. Read on to see the full video.

He has previously posted videos of a similar nature before.

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Back in 2017, he gained popularity after performing to a Christmas classic.

3 years later, he's still managing to put a smile on all of our faces.

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The viral video was posted onto Instagram by @GoodNews_Movement and immediately blew up.

The clip starts off with Franzke emerging in the doorway of his home...

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He puts his hand near his ear like he's getting a feel for the music. It's so adorable!

The veteran sways left to right...

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And obviously Timberlake is playing in the background singing "I feel that hot blood in my body when it drops, I can’t take my eyes up off it, movin’ so phenomenally."

He's really feelin' himself in the moment...

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He starts tapping his feet and getting in the groove while whoever is recording zooms closer to him.

As the chorus hits, he gets wild with it.

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You can really see him putting effort into his moves as he looks up at the camera.

He's got some pretty good footwork.

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I mean, he's ninety-seven and has survived wars, while I can barely clap to any beat on time. It's seriously incredible.

Instagram users took to the comment section to express their happiness upon seeing the video.

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There were lots and lots of emojis involved.

And this user emphasized how great music is...

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And also Chuck's great moves.

And this user even urged her friend to bring this man cookies!

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I'm sure he would really appreciate it.

Others even tagged Justin Timberlake...

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I mean if there was a dance battle between the two, Chuck would definitely win it.

This user also agreed claiming he's giving the pop singer a "run for his money."

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We wholeheartedly agree!

And it seems as though Timberlake watched the video after he had been tagged several times.

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The pop icon was very impressed by Chuck's moves and left a comment saying: "This made [his] day."

He even went as far as reposting the video on his own Instagram story!

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How's that for recognition, eh?

Watch the full video here:

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