The tragic news has reached us that James Bond star Yaphet Kotto has sadly passed away.

Yaphet Kotto, best known for playing a villain in 1973's Bond movie, Live And Let Die has died aged eighty-one.

And hundreds of tributes for the star have already been shared.

Kotto, who was married 3 times and is survived by 6 children, was born in New York.

He began to study acting aged sixteen and by nineteen, he made his professional theatre debut in Othello.

He went on to star in the NBC television series Homicide: Life on the Street, The Running Man, Midnight Run and Alien.

Kotto was also offered a role in the Star Wars sequel The Empire Strikes Back but he turned it down.

In an interview, he explained: "I wanted to get back down on Earth. I was afraid that if I did another space film after having done Alien, then I'd be typed."

"Once you get one of those big blockbuster hits, you better have some other big blockbuster hits to go with it too and be Harrison Ford, because if you don't… you place yourself right out of the business."

Kotto also, of course, starred in the 1973 James Bond movie, Live and Let Die.

The actor is most famous for his role as the first Black Bond villain Dr Kananga/ Mr Big, an evil Caribbean diplomat masquerading as a New York drug lord.

Kotto's death was announced by his wife, Sinahon Thessa.

In a post on Facebook she wrote: "I'm saddened and still in shocked of the passing of my husband Yaphet of 24 years."

"He died last night around 10:30pm Philippine time. This is a very painfall moment for me to inform you all fans, friends and family of my husband."

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"We still have a lot of plans honey that we discussed you have a lot of interviews waiting and you have movie offers like G.I. Joe and the movie of Tom Cruise and others. You still have plan to release your book and build a religious organization based on Yogananda's Teachings."

"You played a villain on some of your movies but for me you're a real hero and to a lot of people also. A good man, a good father, a good husband and a decent human being, very rare to find," she continued.

"One of the best actor in Hollywood a Legend. Rest in Peace Honey, I'm gonna miss you everyday, my bestfriend,my rock.I love you and you will always be in my heart.Till we meet again!"

A cause of death was not revealed.

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Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Rest in peace, Yaphet Kotto.