Halloween is way more fun when you have a kid who's into dressing up to go trick-or-treating. Watching kids get excited about spooky decorations and awesome costumes is the best part of Halloween (besides the free candy, of course). One Reddit user posted a photo of his two kids getting in the holiday spirit. Yep, you read that right. Two kids. See if you can spot them both.

There are two kids dressed up for Halloween in this picture.

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One is pretty obvious. You can see the kid dressed up as Jason, right? That one's a gimme. But can you see the second child?

Let's zoom in a bit.

via: Reddit

No, it's not that tiny skull. That would be a very impressive costume, though.

One more zoom in should give it away.

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It's Waldo! We've been wondering where he was! Turns out he was hiding out in the background of this Halloween picture the whole time.

Here's the original picture again:

via: Reddit

Man. Way to commit to the bit, kid. According to the parent who posted the photo on Reddit, "Jason" is actually a pretty good kid, while "Waldo" got sent to the office three times last week for fighting. Go figure.

Way to win Halloween, you two.

We're especially lookin' at you, Waldo. Wait. Where did he go?