Yield Optimization Analyst at 22 Words

We’re currently looking for a creative, self-driven revenue optimization analyst to join our team and dramatically improve our sites’ advertising in order to increase revenue and upgrade the user experience.

In the early years, as a bootstrapped startup, we did this ourselves. And for awhile, we’ve relied on agencies to help us drive revenue. But now as our audience and staff grow, and as we steadily climb closer to the top 50 largest sites in the U.S., we need a dedicated team to own this area and make us the best we can be.

And that team needs to start with one brilliant, driven, entrepreneurial genius.

We need someone who knows their current work isn’t letting them reach their full potential and who is ready to leave that corporate publisher or advertising agency and join a small team where they will make a massive difference.

Our new advertising mastermind (OK, we can keep calling it “revenue analyst” if you want to be boring) will work with third-party advertising partners, technology providers, and internal ad operations to develop innovative (and dare we hope, brilliant) approaches to maximizing ad revenue. They will forecast available inventory, monitor partner performance, and proactively optimize available ad opportunities.

But let’s be real here...

This is all just a fancy way of saying, the right analyst will be the kind of person who wakes up on a Sunday morning and has three new ideas to share with the team before the coffee is brewed. The fact that the next team meeting isn’t till Monday just means there’s time to turn that list of 3 into a list of 10.

Of course, it should go without saying that the right candidate will understand the nuts and bolts of current yield optimization operations and be up-to-date on emerging technology and models. This includes but is obviously not limited to native placements, in-stream video, and header bidding.

Responsibilities include:

  • Extensive testing and refinement to maximize revenue
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of new yield optimization projects
  • Conducting competitive and industry research
  • Working with advertising networks to optimize performance and negotiate rates

Skills required:

  • Strong analytic and interpretive skills
  • Familiarity with ad-serving technologies (we use DFP)
  • Familiarity with A/B testing and experiment design
  • Firm grasp of key ad metrics
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Self-starter curiosity and a drive toward efficiency
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects and meet deadlines
  • Experience:
  • 1-2 years in ad operations or related areas, either at a publisher, technology company, or ad agency
  • Negotiating with ad networks on rates and terms
  • Steadily improving CPMs on a unit basis and RPMs on a site basis
  • Protecting the site from ads that contain malware, adware, and redirects


We’re a remote workplace, but we care a lot about the community and well-being of our team. You can read more about our benefits on our careers page.

To Apply:

If you think you could be a good fit for this job, please email jobs[at]22words.com. Include any case studies, data, or resumes that may be helpful for us as we consider who to hire.