You Can Airbnb President Trump's 'Bizarre' Childhood Home...But It's Gonna Cost You | 22 Words

Politics aside, staying at a President's childhood home would be pretty darn cool.

I'm not sure if you can do it for this country's earlier leaders, but President Trump's childhood home is available to the public on a nightly basis.

An eagle-eyed person caught the President's home on Airbnb while browsing.

Pretty crazy, right?

The house is located near Manhattan in neighboring Queens.

It's a modest 1940s Tudor house, but the former occupant will be the real attraction.

But all that history is going to cost you.

How does $725 sound? Is that fair? Or worth it for just one night? How about that "amenity" sound?


Really? That seems like...a lot. Is it just full of bunk beds or something? The house doesn't seem that big at all.

Trump has his share of critics, but many feel that every President's childhood home should be be preserved in the Interest of history.

Seems pretty reasonable. Even if you couldn't stay there on Airbnb, you could visit.

Oh no...Oh my.

What's worse: That the message exists at all, or that it's stitched in a creepy/quaint wall decoration?

Obviously, there's going to be a number of reminders of the President in there.

So I hope that doesn't turn off you or the nineteen friends staying with you.

And, yeah, people are making jokes.

To be fair, this one's pretty funny. Let's hope that some people get to enjoy the ample accommodations and the cutout, and the sewn sign, and the ketchup.