You Can Fall in Love on Public Transit, and This Swoon-Worthy Real Life Rom Com Twitter Thread Proves It

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Public transportation often brings out the worst in people. Trains and buses are hot, crowded, smelly, and the few times you actually snag a seat, you’re mostly just trying to figure out if the wet spot you’re sitting on is water, urine … or worse.

But recently, a Twitter user documented an unfolding story in real-time that’s straight out of a rom-com, and it all took place on the London Tube.

It all started with a stranger offering another stranger a tissue for a runny nose. What happens next is seriously swoon-worthy.

What a gentleman! If only everyone were this courteous on public transportation. Sadly, it’s usually not the case.

The fact that he’s still standing right next to her seems to say a lot. He easily could have given up his seat and walked away, leaving it at just a polite gesture.

Considering how boring sitting on the train is usually, this must have been the highlight of the other passengers’ weeks. Be honest — wouldn’t you be eager to listen in on this?

The considerate stranger reaches into her purse for something… But what is it? Some Tic Tacs? A fresh coat of lipstick?

This girl is a PRO. Keeping the communication going? Brilliant. And we’re guessing the polite gentleman was more than impressed.

It also seems that perhaps he had the same plan since asking for that first tissue. She’s getting his digits! This is really happening, people!    

How do such charming people exist in real life?! Seriously, if this were a rom-com called Strangers on the Train, we’d watch.

We’d never have the boldness to do this on public transportation, especially since we’re usually glued to our phones — with headphones in — in an effort to avoid any human interaction whatsoever.

Will this get resolved? Do they end up living happily ever after?! The suspense is killing us!

This is the worst possible way for this story to end. Did he sit down? Or lose his nerve? WE MUST KNOW!

Miss Tissues and Mister Polite, if you’re reading this, please tell us what happened! You belong together. One day you’ll be telling this story to your grandchildren. Trust us on this.