You Can Finally Buy a Tutu for Your Pet Chicken | 22 Words

There is a strange force that takes over every animal owner at some point on their pet raising journey.

Whether it's a few weeks, or even years, we all succumb to it at some point...

It's no secret that pet owners love to dress their pets in adorable outfits, and it's not just for special occasions.

The latest trend might ruffle a few feathers.

Keep scrolling to see some impressive costumes...

Has our obsession with animal costumes got out of hand?


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One hell of a good boy.

As you can see, this outfit clearly isn't related to any holiday, but I'm not complaining.

I'm not quite sure where he's going.

But I'd hire him.

You can see the disappointment in his eyes.

Still cute though.

Beauty or the beast?

The only beast here is the owner of this poor pup.

Quite intimidating.

That's me never breaking the law.

Put it all on red!

I wouldn't want to go against this guy at a poker game.

Not a big fan...

He's clearly more of a Nike doggo.

Sweet serenade.

What can't cats do?

Think it's time to take a look at your life.

When you have a whole rack dedicated to animal bodysuits.

Ayy senorita.

What a small pup, in such a big hat.

When you asked for a rabbit...

But don't want to complain.

Where can a human get a pair of these?

Seriously... where?

Wherever you're going...

Take me with you.

It's not just cats and dogs that are getting dolled up.

You can now purchase the cutest ensemble for your chicken.

If you were ever wondering what to get your chicken for their birthday...

Look no further.

You can now spoil your little foul...

via: Amazon

Amazon has now created the best outfit you never knew you needed.

They are selling a wide range of tutus.

via: Amazon

Perhaps your chicken is going through a bit of a scene kid phase? Each costume costs $11.98, but it's definitely worth it.

Dress your chicken like the princess it is.

via: Amazon

Pranovo, the Amazon company, explains: "The small and exquisite tutu skirt with a pretty grosgrain ribbon and plenty of tulle gives the rooster skirt a fluffy fullness and decorate your chicken completes the princess look. Your chicken will not mind having such beauty and adorable dress on."

It seems like chicken's in tutus are the next big thing.

One customer said: "My hen Lilly looks great in her new Tutu!" with another buyer saying: "Absolutely fabulous. #priscillachicken". I mean as long as the chicken's having a good time, each to their own?