You Can Now Book a Trip on an Adults Only Cruise Ship and It Looks Incredible

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Name your ideal vacation. I’m sure it would go something like this but correct me if I’m wrong.

No children? Check. No buffets? Check. No limits? Double-check!

I have the best news for you. Richard Branson is seeking to venture into new horizons by introducing the world to his latest cruise ship: Virgin Voyages.

Keep scrolling to see the incredible pictures of what it’s going to look like and what it will consist of. Let me assure you, it’s every adult’s dream…

Richard Branson is now looking to cross the seas on his latest cruise line business venture.

From February 14th 2020, you can book yourself a spot on this all-inclusive ship. The ship will set sail from April all the way until October, so whatever time of the year you fancy, Branson’s got you.

That’s the strapline for this new cruise. So, throw away everything you know about boring ol’ cruises because Branson promises to shake things up.

The “Scarlet Lady” is a 2,700 passenger ship wherein all your dreams are supposed to become a reality.

Instead, all passengers can expect to wine and dine on their favorite cuisines. From Japanese bars to Mexican food trucks, he has big plans.

What more could you ask for?

Imagine sipping on a martini while listening to some jazz at this bar? Perfection.

It has group seating, metallic blue lamps, and plenty of alcohol, I can assure you.

I might avoid this room… because I’m already feeling dizzy.

Apparently, this section of the ship is going to be named, “The Manor” and is inspired by Branson’s time in the music industry.

There is champagne available to sip while you watch the show… Wow.

Inspired by an underwater cave, this spa isn’t like any you’ve seen before. It boasts a mud room, salt room, cold plunge pools, quartz beds, and rejuvenating spa treatments.

Would it be the perfect cruise without a pool so you can cool off after a day in the sun?

Oh God, don’t tempt me! I’m getting very excited!

And guess what? Apparently, this place is going to be better than a night in Ibiza. Well, according to the rumors, Mark Ronson is supposed to be the DJ while you sip your cocktail on the sand. Please try and name something better. I dare you. Curious about what happens when you miss your cruise ship? Scroll on for a hilarious story – plus video!