If like me you’re into following the latest in weird fashion, then you’re definitely going to be either intrigued, perplexed, outraged or all of these things when I tell you about the wackiest jeans to have the internet asking questions. Recently, I wrote about the asymmetrical jeans which had us all wondering 'how else can we go wrong with denim?'. Well, now we have an answer. Thanks to Y/Project, denim underwear is the new fashion outrage.

The denim underwear also called  “janties” or “junderwear” by people of social media, have hit the scene and we’re not sure what we’re more concerned about.

For one, they look uncomfortable. Why would anyone want to wear a textile near their delicate areas that can cause severe skin irritation? Personally, you can find me in the stretchiest and floppiest pants my lower body can get in to. People that wear the "janties" may need to pay a visit to their nearest drugstore for over-the-counter medication for all of the chafing they'll suffer. I'll also add, denim underwear is not recommended by gynecologists.

Second, these things cost a whopping $315. I don’t know about you, but I’m the type to go balls-to-the-wall whenever there’s an end-of-season sale on granny panties. Even if I did have the $315 saved in coins scattered around my house, I wouldn’t even be able to buy denim underwear because they are completely sold out. No surprise there since the internet, although extremely critical when it comes to bizarre trends, also has many with deep pockets that are likely willing to risk hours of chafing for Instagram likes. I bet we'll also see those sold on eBay or on festival-goers throughout the summer.

Clearly, the limit to bizarre fashion does not exist.

I don’t think I’m even surprised anymore. Are you?

Weird fashion trends have been around for decades and with the chance of a product selling out and going viral, fashion companies are getting quite creative.

This new era of viral fashion ensures that we'll always see a trend that is completely outrageous but also we cant stop looking or talking about it.

Something we saw recently were the asymmetrical jeans.

But compared to the jean underwear, asymmetrical jeans don’t seem that bizarre now. Actually, there are quite a few “bad jeans fashion" out there that aren’t as bad as jean underwear, even though at the time we didn’t think that was possible.

I think I prefer rocking invisible jeans verses jean underwear.

I mean, they seem more comfortable. I could just put on a pair of leggings under the invisible jeans.

We don’t know what fashion madness may be next but we do know that every weird trend triggers a fashion freak out.


For the designers that make these bizarre fashion products, they really seem to think that bad publicity is good publicity.

The weird fashion recipe for success is to go viral.

And so it seems that the weirder the better.

And the higher the price tag, the more outrage.

Designers absolutely know that people on social media will especially lose it over outrageous fashion items.

Everyone that has seen the denim underwear probably asked themselves, “why would I buy janties for $315?!"

Not only are these viral fashion trends causing people to freak out because of the look of these garments, but the price tags are mortifying.

Personally, I have some sewing skills and Pinterest-worthy craft skills so I think I can make my own pair of “janties" instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a pair.

I won’t. I'm a "leggings are pants" type of person.

It’s almost as if bizarre fashion trends that come off the runway are memes themselves.

The reactions to these trends are also pure comedy gold and create even more buzz for the brand and designer.

Like these next few trends that really set off social media.

And rightfully so.

Remember the platform Crocs by Balenciaga?

These funky roach stompers debuted during Paris Fashion Week in October 2017. Barney’s then bought the shoes to be exclusively sold there only to be sold out before they even went on sale because they went viral. They retailed for $850. My friends, Crocs retailed for $850.

How about the $2000 IKEA bag?

Are you shocked yet?

The $2000 IKEA bag is also designed by Balenciaga.

Demna Gvasalia, the designer behind Balanciaga, designed the giant blue bag that’s very similar to the IKEA bag, except it costs thousands of dollars.

Both of these items drew a lot of attention on social media and a lot of buzz throughout the fashion world.

It’s almost as if fashion designers are taking the 'go big or go home' phrase to the extreme.

So it’s no wonder denim underwear are a mega-viral-fashion-freak-out hit.

They’re outrageous, like the platform crocs, and they’re very expensive like the Balenciaga IKEA bag.

Where in the world did the jean underwear even come from?

Based on all of the media attention, the brainchild behind the denim underwear is a design and marketing genius.

A brand called Y/Project designed them. Which is fitting because they literally put the "Why?" in bizarre fashion trends.

Y/Project is a Paris-based fashion label whose designs are part high-street and part fashion history.

Y/Project’s jean underwear was seen on the runway during Paris Fashion Week and no one batted an eye.

I mean during fashion week, you’ll see a lot of peculiar fashion choices and during the shows, the jean underwear may not have even been the weirdest thing on the catwalk.

But when sold for retail as an individual garment, the context was lost and all we saw is jean underwear and we’re like “huh?"

And A LOT of people were shocked and confused by the "junderwear" or "janties" as they've been called throughout social media.

In case you haven't noticed, the denim underwear has pockets and loopholes to add a belt!

I totally feel this Tim Gunn gif reaction in my soul. Because ladies and gentleman, jean underwear can be worn with a belt. I'm over here trying to figure out where I can find the most comfortable granny panties with the most expandable elastic waistband and designers are trying to get people on board with underwear that can be worn with a belt.

Don't let the term "underwear" fool you. They can also be worn "overwear", as in over the jeans or pants you're going to wear.


Yeah, that's going to be a no from me dog.

Here they are accessorized with a belt.

Told you these were ridiculous.

Once the denim panties made their appearance on social media, the reactions started pouring in.

Because internet outrage will more than likely be followed by hilarious Twitter reactions.

Imagine having to wear the "janties" for all of eternity.

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Look out for the sequel, The Devil Wears "junderwear" with Prada.

Sure, denim underwear will probably keep you cooler during the summer. But the rubbing of denim on your happy flappy will have you screaming.

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Not all of us have the elusive thigh gap to rock these without injury, fashion designers.

Janties will more than likely be seen all over this summers music festivals.

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Daisy Dukes are so two-thousand-and-late.

No one wants to be restricted by jeans, especially when eating, walking, talking, sitting, or anything really. In other words, leggings are the way to go.

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I only wear jeans like once a week. I honestly consider them my fancy pants.

Others embraced the denim underwear fad and jumped on board with the wacky trend.

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Denim underwear on a middle-aged man in a sports jacket and white button down shirt is exactly who I pictured wearing denim underwear. Not!

Looks like weird denim fashion is here to stay.

And with summer just around the corner, I think we're definitely going to see denim underwear in the wild. Chafing balms will also be in high demand.