You Can Now Buy a Birth Selfie Stick to 'Share Every Angle of Your Child's Birth' | 22 Words

Childbirth... It isn't the most glamorous of events, is it?

Granted, you're bringing a new life into the world, and it is certainly a momentous occasion filled with love and emotions... But let's be real, it isn't pretty.

There's blood, there's gore, there are banshee-like screams... And not to mention all the other bodily fluids that come out to play. So you'd be forgiven if you didn't want to take any photos or selfies while you're squeezing a baby out of your nether regions.

So most of us are completely baffled to discover that a "Birth Selfie Stick", that allows you to take photos of every angle of your birthing process, exists. Keep scrolling for the full story...

As most of us know by now...

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Childbirth is one of the most agonizing and brutal experiences a woman can go through.

There's no beating around the bush about it...

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Childbirth will always be gruesome, and nothing will ever change that.

So, it's quite understandable that not many birthing mothers are keen to take photographs of their labor.

Because when you're tomato-red, sweating and screaming swear words at your partner, why would you possibly want to take a selfie?

Well, there are some moms out there who would apparently enjoy a quick selfie during their labor...


Each to their own, right?

Yeah, this is an actual thing apparently...

Pushing away, grimacing through contractions, oh, and taking selfies. It doesn't sound like the usual childbirth set up, does it?

But, sadly for these moms...

Their arms simply aren't long enough to take a photo of everything... If you know what I mean.

So, the thing none of us thought we'd need has been invented...

The childbirth selfie stick.

It's exactly how it sounds...

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A selfie stick, designed to capture the moment your baby is born. “A baby’s arrival is a magical event. And there’s only one chance to get the shot. Birthie Stick is sturdy and fully adjustable, allowing you to capture every contraction with confidence," the product description reads.

Sounds pretty gruesome, right?

I mean, I understand that childbirth is beautiful... But who would want to see all that mess?!

It's quite the device...

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The bizarre gadget claims it will "capture every contraction with confidence" and sells itself as being the perfect Christmas present for an expectant friend.

And it reminds it's customers to not be selfish...

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Stop thinking about yourselves, and share your magical moment with the rest of the world, goddamnit! The hilarious box also features instructions on how to use the stick, with one expectant mum appearing to pout prettily in the camera while in labor.

I know what you're thinking...

Surely this can't be real?


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The whole thing is one big, and rather hilarious, might I add, prank.

Thank God for that.

Priced at $7.70 on Amazon, it's actually just a box so you can pack your real Christmas present inside, making your friends think you've bought them a rather ridiculous selfie stick. What a way to spread the Christmas cheer!

It truly is the most marvelous prank.

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"Simply put your real present inside the joke box and try to keep a straight face as you watch your friends and loved ones attempt to remain gracious while thanking you for the Prank Pack," the description read. For more on real-life birthing stories, keep scrolling to read about the glamorous moms who don't let their childbirth get in the way of their beauty regimes...