Everyone knows that the bride is supposed to be the star of the show on her big day. But it couldn't hurt to get the dog looking snazzy, too!

So it shouldn't surprise you to discover there are bridesmaid dresses made for pups, if only because you can get pretty much any kind of dog clothing these days. Seriously: anything. And if you doubt that, then keep scrolling! The internet is full of crazy adorable dog costumes, only the latest of which is a custom bridesmaids dress.

Check them all out, and see how exactly you could get your hands on the perfect formal garment for your doggie.

Weddings are a big deal.

And generally, you want your closest friends and family there participating on the big day.

So with that logic, wouldn't dogs be included?

I mean, they're humankind's best friend. Therefore, of course, they would be!

And the pups in your life deserve some nice duds too!

Luckily, there's no shortage of clothes (or places selling them) to choose from when it comes to dressing up your canine pals.

Involving pets in the wedding ceremony is more popular these days.

Heck, it's been a noticeable trend in 2018 and into 2019. Lots of people are doing it!

And there are so many reasons why.

Just think of the wedding photos, for one. People would never be able to take their eyes off of them because a dog's presence in a photo automatically makes it 120% better. So you'd basically be guaranteed perfect wedding photos.

Sure, the cuteness might get distracting.

But if you're nervous then a distracting bundle of happy pupper might be just what you need.

They might steal the show a little.

Nevertheless, there's something to be said for dogs bringing happiness wherever they go. So playing with a dog is a pretty great plan for the reception!

Now for the wedding outfit.

There's apparently an Etsy shop that will not only make your dog a bridesmaids dress--it also sells outfits for every stage of the process!

Like a cocktail dress for the bachelorette party.

via: Etsy

Etsy store The Posh Paws Company handmakes these adorable floral cocktail dresses for dogs to wear!

And these clothes are legit.

via: Etsy

Look, there's even a netting underskirt to add volume to the dog's dress!

How about matching bathrobes?

via: Etsy

You know, for when it's time for the two of you to get your hair and makeup done!

You can even personalize them.

via: Etsy

Just in case you're one of those people who really needs to go all in on these kinds of things!

There are simple but elegant bridal bows and tails.

via: Etsy

This one is for fans of the more minimalistic approach.

Suits are totally possible, too.

Posh Paws doesn't have any at the time, but they're out there! Admittedly, this one comes from The Children's Place--it's made for a baby, but this Frenchie pulls it off great.

Other Etsy stores got us covered!

via: Etsy

Like this one, which makes full tuxedos for dogs of any size!

Here are some other formal bow ties.

via: Etsy

You can basically find a dog's bow that goes with any color scheme! Your dog will always match the setting.

And check out these 'luxury coats.'

via: Etsy

They're fitted and padded coats, waxed for water resistance. Now that's how a pup can take a walk in style!

You can bring your dog with you as you go from place to place.

via: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThePoshPawsCompany/items

I mean, you can do that anyway, but this way you can snuggle your pup close without worrying about a leash.

Just imagine it.

There's never been a better time for puppy fashion. And yeah, buying dog clothes might seem a little extra, but maybe they like feeling fancy too!

Posh Paws will do lots of matching human/canine outfits, BTW.

via: Etsy

Like a set of matching PJs, because what's the point unless you and your dog can match 24/7?

And these matching t-shirts.

via: Etsy

Feeling cute, might delete these later, IDK.  (The default t-shirts say 'Yeah I'm cute,' but you can also personalize them!)

But these next couple of dresses really take the cake.

They're not necessarily matching, but Posh Paws' bridesmaids dress will have your pup performing their bridesmaid 'duties' in style!

Take a look:

via: Etsy

Isn't that little dress adorable?! Or more accurately, it would look adorable on pretty much any dog.

It seems really well-designed, too.

via: Etsy

This little handmade number includes a "detailed collar, fully lined bodice. The shoulder is finished with gathered frill to give the impression of fitted sleeves."

It comes in a decent range of colors, too.

via: Etsy

So even if your dog isn't precisely matching, you can get the color pretty close!

Your dog will fit in, no matter their role.

Standing with the rest of the party? Taking an adorable trot down the aisle before everybody else? Either way, the pup will be all ready for the festivities.

Posh Paws sells one more unique puppy product.

Cute comfy sweaters and bandanas are fairly normal purchases for your dog, but say you're a little more invested in your dog's personal life. What then?

Concept: your dog has a Significant Canine Other.

You could just let it happen, or you could be that super extra dog owner who goes and buys their dog a wedding dress!

Because Posh Paws has one:

via: Etsy

This pretty little gown is part of the online store's 'couture collection.'

Now you know.

All your dreams of lookin' fancy with your canine companion are totally possible! So share this story with the other dog people in your life!