Get ready for the mother of all 'guilty pleasure' purchases. Because there's clothing, and there are chairs, and then there's one strange thing that is somehow both. Finally, we've managed to mass-produce the great and terrible power of being able to sit down in a 'seat' anywhere, anytime.

Apparently, some people just feel the need to be seated as often as humanly possible. Now, does this unorthodox onesie take that desire to a near-fanatical level? Maybe. But hey, it's definitely fun to look at. Some people are scratching their heads, some are placing orders, and some are doing both.

Take a look!

Onesies are fun, right?

They're supposed to be one of the most comfortable articles of clothing you could possibly get yourself!

After all, we love to be snug.

And onesies pretty much check off all the boxes for people: they're big comfy blankets that you can wear without having to throw over your shoulder like a cape.

So why stop there?

We're not sure if the person who asked themselves that question in regards to re-defining the onesie was innovative or nuts. But either way, here we are.

Because now there's a special onesie.

And it'll do more than just keep you cozy. How so? Well, it's got a built-in bean bag chair.

Feast your eyes on this wacky thing:

via: ThinkGeek

On the one hand, yes, I'm sure that makes sitting and lounging quite easy and comfy. On the other hand...why?

It's the couch potato's greatest gift.

Because, like it or not, we've all gotta leave our houses sometimes. We can't stay in our comfort zones 24/7!

Or can we?

But I guess you'd never need to even change out of your pajamas with this onesie, considering it is basically pajamas with a seat attached to the rear end!

It does sound comfy.

The actual onesie is fleece, perfect for people who get chilly easily.

It's an exclusive from online retailer ThinkGeek.

via: ThinkGeek

And it just needs to be pointed out that the onesie is marketed on their website with the phrase "all the right junk in the trunk."

ThinkGeek knows its target demographic.

Despite how weird-looking this onesie is, when you really think about it, there are actually situations when it'd come in handy.

It has its uses.

They're just really specific uses, like waiting in a line that you know is gonna take a while. Midnight premiere? Convention? No problem if you've got a portable chair handy.

Some people aren't so into the idea.

Depending on where a person is in their life, I can see how suddenly wearing a giant onesie with a beanbag hanging off the butt could be cause for concern for friends and loved ones!

But other people agree:

Not gonna lie; I've waited in my share of multi-hour lines, and a beanbag chair (even one that was noticeably attached to me) would have been heaven.

There'd be no such thing as "limited seating."

You know those situations where you're at a friend's party and everyone goes to grab a seat, but there aren't enough, and then you just have to sit on the floor or awkwardly perch on the side of the couch? No more!


Benches are a thing of the past. Just plop yourself down wherever you feel like it!

Hmm...this could be nice to camp with.

If it's already between a bean bag chair or a portable folding, I might just go for the bean bag!

Basically, all sitting-related problems would be over.

At the expense of being weighed down by a bean bag attached to your rear, and navigating in public as such!

Is the trade-off worth it?

Honestly, depends who you ask. Let's see some of the funnier observations about this onesie!

Apparently, the onesie should've had a different name.

Hmm. This person may have been thinking about Beyonce, but others were thinking of someone a bit different.

Other people are leaning more Kardashian.

Yeah, there have been a bunch of Kardashian jokes going around since this onesie came out.

Two words:

Uh oh. I wonder how many people would actually get this onesie to have a 'Kardashian snuggie'?

It's definitely fashion-forward.

Is that the right word for it? Well, anyone who steps out wearing it might have to be a little braver than most!

Or you just need a big "who cares?!" attitude.

But sometimes, taking a devil-may-care approach to life can be good for you.

Just watch where you sit.

Listen, I'm not saying it would look kinda hilarious if someone accidentally plopped down on something sharp enough to puncture the bag and then all those beans came spilling out...but it would.

Or worse, make sure nobody sabotages it!

But really, who'd be evil enough to purposefully take some scissors and force your bean bag rear to deflate? If you know anybody who might, well, steer clear of them!

You also have to wonder what balance is like while wearing the onesie.

I imagine it'd be a lot easier to fall backward while wearing it! Then again, that's kind of the point.

Maybe it'd be a fun gift?

You know: give the gift of laziness. Now that's a true friend!

It costs a pretty penny!

You can get yourself a bean bag onesie on for $89.99. In other words, you've gotta really commit to that eternal seat life.

Check out ThinkGeek's video.

Even they know that this onesie is 50% a useful product and 50% pure humor!

So, now you've seen the bean bag onesie.

via: ThinkGeek

Maybe you're thinking this would make a great gag gift, or maybe you can seriously see yourself using it. To each their own, right? So share this hilarious new product with your friends, and see what they think!