You Can Now Buy a Fanny Pack That's Also a Wine Cooler, and It's Only 6 Bucks | 22 Words

My absolute favorite store of all time is Target and it's not because I'm a mom - I can remember loving the store just as much pre-kids.

Target has everything from clothes, food, small kitchen appliances, stationery and furniture; it even has a pharmacy and damn near anything else you might need to make your house and closet happy.

And just when you thought you couldn't love the retailer anymore, hold tight, because I think it might be possible. You see, Target stores (like all other stores) change their stock for the seasons. And we all know that the very best season is just one month away – summer!

Maybe it's not your favorite season, but I think we can all agree that summertime does make livin' just a wee bit easier. Flip flops, shorts, sunglasses, that smell of the summer sunshine... ahh. You'll definitely need to hit up a Target store before summer officially starts. Read on to see why!

When you enter a Target store, do you always stop at the dollar section?

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I know I do. Especially when my kids are begging for a toy, this is the spot to be in. "Sure, kids. Go ahead, pick 2 items."

I'm not sure what makes Target my happy place, because other stores sell similar items.

But Walmart and Meijer just don't do it for me. Target is inviting, with its bright lights and clean displays. Oh, and how nice is it to stop and get a Starbucks before you start your shopping excursion?

Target never disappoints when it comes to summertime.

They always have sunscreen propped in a main aisle – making it easy to find. And, of course, they have other summer items such as buckets for the kids to make sandcastles and beach towels.

The store isn't overwhelming, like other retail stores and maybe that's what the appeal is.

I talk to a lot of moms and the general consensus is that moms love Target. So, yeah, the stereotype is true.

But even if you aren't a mom, chances are, you like the store just as much.

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And if you're not a Target fan (which would be weird), you might become one now!

Because the big retail chain has recently introduced a truly unique fashion item.

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Allow me to introduce you to the Fanny Pack Cooler, which is part of Target's new "Sun Squad" collection But this isn't just any old fanny pack, people.

No, sir. This stylish little fanny pack is insulated! Yes, it's insulated to keep your beverage cool.

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And just what type of beverage do you think might fit in this cool-looking hip bag? Let me tell you this first, the inside measurements are 5" x 13.5" x 4".

Sure, you can store a can of soda or beer in there if you want to.

But it was actually designed to hold a bottle of wine. I know, I know. I can't believe it either. But what is really going to blow your mind is the price.

This adorable, yet functional, accessory will set you back just $6!

You can't even buy a bottle of wine that price! OK, that's a lie. You can buy some good cheap wine for under $5 (yes, Barefoot, I'm thinking of you).

While these are, in fact, "fanny packs," their purpose is much greater.

Nobody wants to drink warm beverages under the sun. And with the help from this little, crazy inexpensive bag – you don't have to lug heavy coolers around!

Not to mention, these guys are pretty stylish. Like I said, Target never disappoints.

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You can pick one up in iridescent mermaid purple, or a pink and yellow grapefruit design. Both colors are very versatile and will go with basically anything you're wearing.

I'll admit, I've never been a fanny pack person, but these are pretty stylish.

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And since I'm a wine drinker, this would be a sensible purchase for me. But, this isn't the only item from the brand I'll be buying this summer.

That's right, the amazingness doesn't end there! Target has another trick up their sleeves.

If you want to bring more than what will fit in these fanny packs, because the kids will get thirsty too, then you may want to purchase their insulated backpack.

This super fun pineapple design can be yours for only $20!

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I'm definitely purchasing one of these for our family trip this summer. And the backpack comes in other designs as well, if pineapples aren't your thing.

The pineapple insulated backpack can fit up to twenty cans inside.

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And if you carry it on your back, as intended, you'll burn some additional calories. Pass the chips, am I right?

At these prices, you can't go wrong.

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Backpack coolers are becoming more popular, especially amongst those who like to camp or hike. But it'd be hard to find one elsewhere for only $20.

And the cuteness doesn't end with the brand's fanny packs and backpacks.

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Nope! Sun Squad (only available at Target) has a full line of essential, and non-essential, items to make your summer more enjoyable.

If you're in the market for a cooler that's bigger than a fanny pack but distinctly not a backpack, an insulated tote may do the trick.

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Target thought of it all when it came out with this line. This tote bag holds twenty-four cans and comes in several different design options.

I like to change my kitchen towels and place mats with each season, and will definitely be picking up some of these fun kitchen towels.

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A 2-pack terry cloth kitchen towel set will brighten anyone's kitchen right up. I think we can agree that pineapples are simply a happy fruit.

If you're a parent who has taken your kids to the beach, you know what it feels like to lug a bunch of beach toys around. It's not fun.

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And again, Target has you covered. For just $10, this utility tote will help you to carry all of your beach essentials to and fro.

Rectangular beach towels are so yesterday, don't you think?

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Check out this cute watermelon beach towel by Sun Squad. It's round! I love that this towel is different from the norm.

I can't even with the cuteness of this little pool.

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Perfect for young tots, or even your dog, to cool off. With this stylish design, you can't go wrong. Target has totally nailed it with this collection. Please tell me you agree?!

Another hot trend these days are out-of-the-norm pool floats.

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When I was a kid, we had a blue circular or rectangular float. That was it. Nowadays, anything goes for pool floats. Like this bunch of bananas, for example!

The Sun Squad has a whole variety of fun summer items.

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And the brand has different collections. The "Backyard Fun Collection" has everything you need to entertain the family - it even has outdoor activities for the little ones.

Another pineapple-themed item that you'll want to snag if you have young kids is this little set.

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The golf set will for sure keep the little ones entertained while the grown-ups get a timeout, playing in the water.

And speaking of adults in the pool, Sun Squad has you covered. Keep your beverages afloat while you take a dip in the pool with these flamingo drink floats!

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Complete your theme by adding these hot pink flamingo drink floats to your pool. They're ultra cute and they'll keep you hydrated - you won't even have to leave the water!

Well, those are just some of the items that Target has in store for you this summer.

Buy online (and save yourself a trip) or purchase in store. Just like any shopping trip to Target, don't be surprised if you leave with way more than you had planned.

Is it the bullseye that draws us in? What is it about Target that so many of us love?

We've all seen the memes. You go to Target for shampoo and you leave spending $127. This happens to me every single time. It's probably good for my wallet that the Target by me is closing June 1st.

I will admit, when I heard the news, I almost cried.

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I'm not even kidding about that. My kids were also pretty bummed. So, yes, Target is a store that many love, from the very young to the old. And by looking at the Sun Squad collection, I think it's pretty easy to see why.

So what are you waiting for?

Summer is almost here! Yay! Go snag that adorbs fanny pack and be the stylish gal at the beach.