It's not an exaggeration to say that Target is one of the greatest stores to ever exist. For many of us, it's a magical place that can take away stress and anxiety. You can get lost in the aisles of candles, or find yourself perusing decorative pillows, debating on if you need a rose gold cocktail shaker, and spending way too much money on vases you'll never use.

Target is the best.

The best part about the beloved store is that every time you go, there seems to be a new something that you've just got to have. For instance, Target has just upped the camping game with a new Hershey's S'mores Caddy they're selling now. Your camping trips are about to get so much better with this handy creation.

I know, I know. Did you really need another reason to spend almost the entirety of your paycheck at Target? No, you didn't. But...will you end up doing just that?

Most definitely. Keep reading to find out about the awesome caddy!

It's hard to not be obsessed with Target...

Everyone - regardless of gender - should love Target. That's just how it is.

Fun night out

Hey, this sounds like an awesome night out! And also reminds me that I need to take a trip to Target to buy some toilet paper...

Unheard of

Who does this man think he is? Going into Target and returning with only the things he needs? Sorry, ma'am, but this is grounds for divorce.

Seasonal treats

Target is dangerous all the time when it comes to money-spending, but especially around any sort of holiday. Christmas and Halloween are the worst - how can any of us not buy everything in sight?

The best

Being alone in Target on a Saturday night is my idea of heaven. Just think of all the perusing you can do with no kids or significant others weighing you down!


I am totally guilty of this, as are most of us Target-lovers. It's impossible to go into Target and buy the thing you actually meant to buy.

Missing persons

A trip to Target never takes just 10 minutes. If it does, something must've gone horribly wrong.


Have you ever seen a more accurate portrayal of a Target trip? I feel attacked.

Bye kids

Sorry, children, but life lesson #1 is, "Stay out of mommy's way in Target." It's a tough but fair lesson that all kids must learn.

Getting to know you...

I see the cashiers at Target more often than I see some of my best friends. That's fine, right? Totally fine... The next tweet is #relationshipgoals.

A dream date night

You can keep the fancy dinner and flowers. All you need to keep the romance alive is a trip to Target.

Influencer status

It's important to know your brand and then embrace it. Yoga pants and Target trips sound like a brand I can (and will) endorse.

Too real

Have you ever felt spiritually connected to a small child that you don't know? Because that's how I feel reading this tweet. We all wish we could live in Target.

A regular

Target is to me what the bar from Cheers was to Norm. A place where everybody knows your name.

Well, if Target sells it...

I'm buying it. End of story - even if it's a horrifying snake.

What did I come here for again?

Ah yes, the plight of the Target-obsessed human being. The minute you step foot inside of a Target, you forget the one thing you were actually supposed to buy.

Follow the rules

If you don't understand how Target works, then you don't deserve to shop there. I know it sounds harsh, but that's just how the world works. The next tweet is hauntingly relatable...

A few things

Yeah, right. Since when has anyone ever gone into Target and walked out with "just a few things"?

Over budget

Okay, here's the thing: it's nobody's fault when this happens. Target has a magical pull that most of us just can't fight. It's not our fault when we spend too much money there.

All things

Target is good for all things. There is always a reason for a Target trip. Always.

True love

Get you someone who understands how important Target trips are. This is true love. I'm tearing up.

The only hobby you need

The only hobby a person needs is going to Target. That's a fine and productive way to use your free time, right?


Cashiers know the deal, they just want to hear us admit out loud that we have a shopping problem. Well, your shopping problem is about to get worse, because Target has a new awesome product on the shelves...

S'mores for days

If you're a fan of making s'mores by the campfire, then hold onto your pants, because Target is now selling a Hershey's S'mores Caddy.


There's something so wonderful about sitting around a campfire and enjoying a delicious, gooey s'mores treat. This new caddy makes it so much easier to pack s'mores ingredients.

Looks delicious

It's selling for $10 and is well worth the affordable price. You'll never have to worry about transporting s'mores materials again.

No chocolate

via: Target

The caddy doesn't actually come with chocolate, marshmallows, or graham crackers, but it has plenty of room to store all three.


via: Target

There are special drawers that perfectly fit the graham crackers and chocolate. It also comes with a convenient handle for carrying.

Easily cleaned

via: Target

It's hand washable, and spacious. It's the perfect accessory for summer trips to the beach, lake, or campsite.

A great summer

The caddy is the perfect way to keep your s'mores organized and ready to go. Don't miss out on this awesome product - get thee to a Target ASAP.