Public service announcement: You can now buy a drink enhancer that makes your water taste like wine. I repeat: Your water can now taste like wine.

I know, I know... This does sound completely made up, but I can assure you that it's 100 percent true. And no, Jesus has not returned from the dead.

Keep scrolling to read about this marvelous little invention, and where you can get your hands on one...

Drinking enough water every day can be a difficult task.

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We know we're supposed to, we know it's good for us... But, good lord it can be rather boring, can't it?

Water just isn't exciting enough for most people.

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Why have bland water when you can have something a little more exciting?

And many of us opt for something a little more flavorsome...

Whether it be fruit juice, soda, or a naughty glass of wine... There are many tasty things that we can swap a boring glass of water for.

But, what if I told you...

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That you could somehow transform your water into wine?

I know, it all sounds pretty biblical, doesn't it?

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And, to make this story even more bizarre, it's the supermarket giant, Walmart, who is playing the role of Jesus.


Walmart’s new Rosé Wine Drink Enhancer.

It is similar to their other range of water enhancers...

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You simply add a few drops to your water, give it a shake or a stir and... Ta-Da! You will have wine-flavored water.

Now, this a very new product...

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So new, in fact, that it isn't even listed on their website yet. But what we do know is that the product is a pretty standard flavor additive and is made of natural ingredients... Oh, and it's sugar-free. What a bonus!

So the details have remained sparse.

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But it is heavily assumed that the flavoring won't actually contain any alcohol, and will just be another natural water enhancer like Walmart's existing range of water flavors.

What're you waiting for?!

You can find the rosé flavoring in the juice aisle at your local Walmart... Hurry before they run out! For more incredible wine inventions, keep scrolling to read about the wine Christmas stocking...