Cats truly are the cutest. And while they often don't get a huge slice of the internet spotlight, given the fact that everyone gushes over pooches and all, they make for some very entertaining (and adorable) content.

And for those wanting to spoil their beloved kitty, there's an abundance of items you can buy to enhance the quality of your cat's life. From mini haunted houses to festive-themed beds and costumes, there's pretty much nothing that hasn't been done.

But the latest to take the internet by storm is made especially for all those Indiana Jones fanatics (who happen to have a cat). The Indiana Jones cat bridge is perfect for fans of the beloved action franchise, not to mention it's utterly adorable. Keep scrolling to take a look.

Cats are just the best, right?

These little adorable balls of fluff sometimes get a bad rep – but they can also be super affectionate and loving.

Not to mention, a sight for sore eyes.

And totally hilarious. Cat owners will tell you they have a certain comedic skill no other pet could imitate.

And cats have basically taken over the internet.

These little cuties were the subjects of some the internet’s very first memes.

And they still have a hefty presence to this day.

But in recent times, the most prevalent reason cats have had such an online presence has been the marketplace for cat owners.

People can't resist buying silly things for their cats.

And the latest drop we’ve discovered might be the cutest we’ve ever seen.

It's for all the Indiana Jones loving cat owners out there...

So those who'll want to spoil their cat Indiana Jones-style will be pleased to hear you can buy a cat bridge inspired by the bridge in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. 

It's perfect for a quick power nap...

via: Etsy

The handmade hammock is easy to install and the bridge itself comes pre-assembled... so they'll be no DIY disasters!

Don't worry, the rope on the bridge is much more durable than in the movie...

via: Etsy

The rope is made out of twine, but you can upgrade to paracord instead... it's ready for all your kitty's chewing needs.

The bridge has been receiving rave reviews from fellow cat owners...

via: Etsy

"Stunning! The bridge is unique, breathtaking and brings excitement to my cat. The rope is durable, she can’t chew on it. Appreciated that the bridge came pre-assembled and saved a potential headache. The installation was simple and the quality is great," wrote one customer.

The impressive contraption is available on Etsy.

But it will set you back a big buck, with a price tag of $195. Although considering it's completely hand made, you can expect it to come in on the pricier side. Check it out here. Interested in what other novelty things you can purchase for your kitty? Keep scrolling to take a look at mini-haunted mansions designed especially for your cat.