You Can Now Buy Cold Brew Gummy Bears That Have as Much Caffeine as a Shot of Espresso

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Just when our weary eyes were about to sink into our skulls due to major exhaustion, here comes a silver lining that will leave a wonderful coffee aftertaste.

We all know that if a coffee IV were a thing, we would all be overly-eager to invest in it. But unfortunately, we’ll just have to stick with Starbucks and Keurigs for now. As our caffeine-addicted generation seeks more ways to be satisfied with their variety of coffee choices, the need for companies to step up their coffee game is more in demand than ever before. A simple black cup of coffee just won’t cut it anymore.

Luckily, Sugarfina, a luxury candy company, just gets it. Pairing up with Alfred coffee, the two have introduced Cold Brew Gummy Bears that are sure to get you that coffee-buzz you crave. It is now socially acceptable to scarf down gummy bears as an adult, all in the name of caffeine.

We get it, coffee is life.

If you don’t have it printed on a tee shirt, you’ve got it imprinted on your brain. Coffee is a way of life and for some people, it’s do or die without it.

It’s just better for everyone.

Without coffee, who knows where we’d be. It would be a scary, dark, and dangerous world for everyone.

You are your best self after a cup of joe.

Before coffee: angry, impatient, upset with everyone. After coffee: all of those things but at least you’re awake.

These are your favorite words, ever.

I get way more excited about going to coffee than I do about most things in life. That’s just the truth.

If you had it your way, you’d be drinking coffee all the time.

One cup will never be enough if we’re being honest.

There are some coffee alternatives.

Sure, you could have green tea or something with vitamins in it that’s good for you or whatever.

Most of them taste awful.

No one really wants to drink apple cider vinegar. That stuff is absolutely terrible, I don’t care how good it is for me!

There’s just nothing like the real thing.

You can’t replace coffee, nothing will ever taste the same. Plus, I feel very loyal to my coffee mugs.

But there are some tempting alternatives.

And I am talking very tempting. Not just some weird Instagram ad that promises to change your life or a substitute that will give you the same feeling as caffeine from coffee.

Meet the Cold Brew Gummy Bears.

The newest addiction for all of us will be Cold Brew Bears brought to you by Sugarfina. It’s the sugar rush and caffeine rush we’ve been searching for our whole lives.

It’s better than candy.

I know there are coffee-flavored treats, but these bears are not playing games. They came to get you that buzz you so desperately need.

You’ll get a real dose of coffee.

A single serving of the bears equals about 60 milligrams of caffeine, which is almost the same as one shot of espresso.

And you can choose between 3 different flavors!

Sugarfina is trying to spoil us, and I am very okay with that. You can choose from 3 unique flavors and choose which one is best for you.

There’s Vanilla Iced Latte.

If you want something a little sweet and sassy, then this is the flavor for you. There’s nothing like an iced vanilla latte on a hot summer’s day.

The classic Cold Brew.

You like it cold but you like it bold–Cold Brew flavor is just for you. It’s strong and rich, the ideal combination.

Or Bourbon Cold Brew.

If you’re feeling a little risky, Bourbon Cold Brew is your flavor. It’s got that sweet bourbon flavor that will be sure to get you ready for the weekend.

Bourbon is not a bad look!

This flavor sticks out for sure and a lot of people seem to be excited about this one in particular. Candy+booze+caffeine?! How could you go wrong!

You’ll be impressed with the coffee.

Alfred is an awesome coffee shop in LA that makes incredible drinks, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the coffee in the gummy bears.

Even celebs get it.

Celebrities frequent Alfred coffee, like Hailey Bieber and even Sofia Vergara. If these ladies love it, I’m all over it.

It will make your life more bearable.

It’s true, coffee makes life more bearable, and these gummy bears will also be huge help in getting us through our day.

All you need is one cup.

One cup of the bears and you’ll be feeling a little buzzed. It could be the sugar or the caffeine or the excitement from eating this luxurious and unique treat.

The packaging is cute AF.

The bears come in a bag that looks just like a bag of coffee beans you could find at your favorite coffee shop.

Or you can get it to go.

You can also purchase a cute little cup and straw filled with the Cold Brew Bears. It will feel like all of your iced coffee dreams are coming true.

They sold out pretty fast.

Right after they announced the news, they sold out online. Luckily, they restocked quickly, but warned customers to buy as soon as they could because they were going fast!

I am completely sold on this.

How could you not be? This idea is totally genius and revolutionary in our caffeine-addicted world.

In the name of science.

I need to find whatever hotel this is because that’s some top-notch room service.

Get out your wallets.

You can get the 3 cups of gummy bears for $21.00 and you can pick which flavors you want. Mix and match or get three of the same kind of that’s your kind of buzz!

Secure your bag.

One bag of the gummy bears cost $14.00 and it has as much caffeine as two shots of espresso, or one cup of black coffee.

Don’t forget about the tumbler!

For when you need a place to put your real iced coffee, or water if you’re into being properly hydrated. The tumblers are $25.00 and come with two little bags of Cold Brew Bears.

It’s the collaboration of the century.

Sugarfina and Alfred are now BFFs and we are so happy that they found each other. “With this collaboration, we’re combining two of our favorite pick-me-ups – candy and caffeine,” Sugarfina’s founder Rosie O’Neill announced in a press release.

Sugarfina knows what’s up.

The LA-based candy company focuses on creating luxury sweets, so if coffee isn’t your thing, they’ve got other great options.

They also have boozy bears.

Everything from Corona to Rosé to Bourbon, Sugarfina has a different alcohol inspired treat for every kind of person.

They also have a juice cleanse for you health nuts.

The Pressed Juicery inspired gummy bears are also a favorite among candy addicts who are trying to go on a cleanse but failing.

It’s a great gift idea.

It’s a must-have for anyone who loves coffee and a great way to show your friends you support their caffeine problem.

The key to a good life is good coffee.

Spread the joy to your coffee-addicted friends and go out and try these new treats because you deserve it!