You Can Now Buy Cookie Cutters That Look Exactly Like Your Pet | 22 Words

We all know the saying "You're so cute, I could almost eat you up" and it's certainly the case for our pets. But now, that has become something of a reality, as pet fanatics can pay tribute to their furry pals using personalized pet cookie cutters.

Keep scrolling to find out how you can get your hands on these adorable 3D cutters. They would make a perfect gift for anyone who is pet mad...

Pets are one of the many joys in life.

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Whether you’re a cat or a dog person, having a pet is simply wonderful.

There isn't anything we wouldn't do for them.

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Meaning many of us are often guilty of overly pampering our furry friends.

Some of us can't resist showering them in treats or toys.

Or even dress them up in clothes. Each to their own, right?

There are countless ways to pay tribute to our furry companions...

Whether it's a piece artwork or photoshoot, many of us like to have something dedicated to our pets.

But for some people...

This isn't enough.

Those of us who are pet crazy may be looking for a more unconventional way of paying tribute to our furry pals.

And the latest invention is perfect for those of us who want to go the extra mile for our pets.

In fact, it may be one of the best things we've seen.

We need this ASAP.

Introducing: pet cookie cutters.

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Yes, you read that right. Keep scrolling to find out what exactly they are and how to buy...

A bakery is selling personalized cookie cutters in the shape of your furry pal.

Each cookie cutter is unique to your pet. We have to admit, they look incredible... Keeps scrolling to see some of the best snaps.

They come courtesy of Baker's Street Cutters.

All you need to do is send in some snaps of your pet and their designer creates an illustration of your furry friend - rendering it into a 3D-cookie cutter. “I personally design each cutter and pay attention to every detail," explained Ivan, the artist, behind the baking tool. “Before printing I will send you a preview to see and to make any changes to the design if necessary."

They look amazing.

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Now, you can bake cookies that look exactly like your fur baby. What's not to love?

The more we see, the more we want.

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We'd be living our best life baking these cookies.

Of course, the store doesn't just make cats and dogs...

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Ivan has also custom made a bird cutter.

There are some important things to note:

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The cookie cutters aren’t dishwasher-safe and shouldn't be used in really hot water.

They retail at $27 each...

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Which does sound a bit steep but given how unique they are, it's definitely worth every penny. The custom pet cookie cutters are available to buy here. This isn't the only way to pay tribute to your furry friend. Keep scrolling to learn all about how you can get pajamas printed with your pet's face. This isn't a want, it's a need...