You Can Now Buy Gummy Pickles That Actually Taste Like Pickles

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Attention all pickle lovers, come forth and marvel at the latest wonder to take the internet by storm. 

The vast and varied world of gummy candy has taken a leap no-one could have anticipated.

I’m talking, of course, about the invention of the gummy pickle.

Carry on scrolling to see this bizarre creation for yourself, and the other gummy inventions that have tempted us…

Whoever first invented the chewy, sweet goodness of gummy candies has made a lot of people…and dentists very happy.

As much as we love candy, it can be hard to justify replacing an actual meal for the likes of jelly beans and gummy bears.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t be judged for it. I mean, if I came to the office with a lunchbox full of Swedish Fish and Red Vines, eyebrows definitely would be raised.

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You can now purchase an array of gummy candy products that resemble regular food. I was particularly impressed by this ramen box style gummy candy dish. You can get your hands on them from Amazon for $7.

Now, not everyone can stomach sweet treats first thing in the morning but for some, a gummy candy breakfast would be the ideal start.

This one is a prime example of how you can literally put anything between a hard taco shell.

There’s clearly no end to the possibilities in the gummy candy game.

What if you could combine the squidgy sweet goodness of gummy candy with the sour, savory taste of a pickled gherkin?

Of course, this sweet treat isn’t for everyone… I mean there are plenty of people out there who would much sooner keep their pickles hard and crunchy and their gummy candies sweet and chewy.

This sweet snack hybrid is everything we could have dreamed of, and more.

Frankly, I’m not terribly keen to try a pickle wrapped in cotton candy but I’m sure it’s quite something.

A pickle is and a pickle will always be a top tier crunchy snack that serves multiple purposes in the culinary field. That being said, can it really fit in the world of sweet treats?

For those pickle-loving folk who want to celebrate the festive season with some delectable candy canes, I’d recommend you get your gnashers around these bad boys.

The same candy cane company has produced some mac and cheese flavored canes. Depending on your love of sugary cheese-flavored things… these canes may well be right up your street.

The company behind the gummy pickle serves an array of other gummy food-related products, like the classic gummy candy pizza.

The company has also tackled the popular trend of gummy candy sushi.

The company also sells Tabasco flavored jelly beans. You heard that right, tabasco. Flavored. Jelly. Beans.

The thing with the candy gummy pickle is that it doesn’t taste like you’d expect it to.

From touching the pickle candy, you would not expect the flavor to be so similar to that of pickled gherkins.

That real pickle taste.

Made with real pickle juice, these unusual treats might look like sweet gummy candies but in reality, they are a hybrid that will only be enjoyed by people who enjoy the taste of regular pickled gherkins.

The world is confusing enough without hybrids like this messing with my head. Call me old fashioned but personally I think I’ll be sticking to regular, crunchy pickles.   Continue scrolling to read all about KitKats new origami wrappers that they’re launching in Japan.