You Can Now Buy Heinz Ketchup 'Caviar' Just in Time for Valentine's Day | 22 Words

Come Valentine's Day, everybody is trying to make things special for their special someone. There's always the usual stuff: flowers, chocolate, a nice dinner out. But really, it's to each their own. Every couple has their own idea of a perfect Valentine's Day – It just depends on the couple!

So, check this stuff out. Keep in mind that it's really only appealing if you're a fan of ketchup. Because Heinz Ketchup is making imitation 'caviar' out of its ketchup, just in time for Valentine's Day. And hey, who's to say you can't serve faux-fancy ketchup to your date?

You see what we mean by its limited appeal. This is a pretty niche product, to say the least. But if you already had plans to make the world's best burger for bae, now you can top it off with caviar ketchup!

So, there's caviar.

It's universally known as "fancy" food. Caviar is synonymous with luxury food, and it's one of the most expensive foods out there.

It's a little strange when you think about it.

"Cured fish eggs" sounds like a curious choice of food, but there's no debating its fanciness.

But what if you want to feel fancy without actually being fancy?

Well, you're in luck. Heinz (the ketchup company) has a different kind of caviar for you.

Introducing ketchup caviar!

Because what says romance like faux-fancy ketchup in a shape that does not normally imply "ketchup?"

Yep, it's ketchup shaped into little pearls, just like caviar.

Still with us? Great, because there's more.

Are you interested on getting a jar for free?

Heinz is also doing a giveaway just in time for Valentine's Day!

Heinz gave the deets in a tweet.

Something about tomato paste and vinegar just screams romance, huh?

There are some guidelines for entering this giveaway.

Anyone in the U.S. can enter, by responding to the above tweet from Heinz. But only enter once – those are the rules!

If you want to win some ketchup, enter quick.

Potential entrants in the giveaway only have a couple more days to do so. The giveaway closes at 11:59 pm ET on January 28th.

After that, winners will be announced.

Heinz judges will do a random drawing from the people who enter the next day, January 29th. Keep in mind, there will be 150 winners!

Each winner gets one jar.

The caviar ketchup comes in 1.8-ounce jars, with an estimated value of $5.

So, it wouldn't be wallet-breaking to just buy a jar.

You've gotta get in while you can because the giveaway is the only way to get your hands in it right now. The acutal jars aren't for sale!

There's some speculation as to how the ketchup caviar works.

The general consensus is that they're kind of like those tapioca pearls that you get in a boba tea shop.

Does that mean they burst open like the tapioca pearls?

If so, be careful of giving your kids those ketchup beads!

So don't let anyone tell you what condiments to put on your food.

If you want some ketchup, then pile on a dollop of ketchup, and look fancy doing it!

And you might ask, "but why would I want this?"

And the answer, of course, is that it's a pretty entertaining thing to have. Especially for free.

And this way, you don't even have to eat fish eggs!

Unless you like that sort of thing. Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it.

And Heinz is pretty confident about this new product.

“Each jar of Heinz Ketchup Caviar contains exquisite, delicious tasting pearls of Heinz Tomato Ketchup that are sure to elevate your Valentine’s Day meal into a fine dining experience," a spokesperson for the brand told Food and Wine.

Heinz even partnered with caviar specialists!

“Heinz partnered with caviar specialists Jens Møller Products ApS to put care, love, and passion into making Ketchup Caviar, which is made with the ingredients and the process essential for creating the caviar pearl consistency," the spokesperson continued.

The responses on Twitter have been great.

Honestly, those caviar ketchup eggs do look like they're on a different level than the other ones.

Some people are pretty interested.

That is a lot of effort!

It's the condiment of the future!

Isn't that what people said about Dippin' Dots ice cream? And look where that ended up.

Some just want to feel a little bourgeois.

And if you want bougie ketchup, then you get that bougie ketchup!

Heinz stands to make 150 people VERY happy.

If that's what brings a smile to your face, then we wish you luck.

And some just want good-tasting caviar for once.

I feel like that's also one of the big selling points, here.

And if you're already a ketchup fiend, then today is just your lucky day.

Yep, all that stuff is for later. For now, cool-looking ketchup is all that matters.

Other people want a good old adventure.

Also, a totally valid reason to get this ketchup, TBH.

Heck, even Lin-Manuel Miranda got in on the fun.

Use that success for the greater good! Or, for getting fancy ketchup. Same thing!

And also, Heinz's response to that is delightfully self-aware.

It's always nice when a company's social media people can make business ventures entertaining, too.

Best of luck on Valentine's Day!

Even if your date isn't completely and utterly impressed (why wouldn't they be?), at the very least, they will definitely have some questions. Voila, you've got a conversation piece! Know anyone who might find this entertaining or appetizing? Share this story with them!