You Can Now Buy Microwaveable Oreo and Chips Ahoy-Flavored Cakes in a Cup

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Every now and then it’s always fun to indulge in your sweet tooth. What’s better than fulfilling that craving you get for dessert? Even if you’re more of savory person (give me In & Out all day), you can’t deny the joy that a delicious sweet treat brings. I mean, come on – we’ve all binged The Great British Bakeoff. We all know the power of a well-risen Genoise sponge! And if you tell me you don’t crave sweets after watching Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, then I’ll tell you that you’re a liar.

Okay, I’m getting off topic.

The point is, snacks are great and sweets are even better. So here’s some good news, dessert-lovers. You can now purchase Oreo and Chips Ahoy-flavored cakes that you can microwave and have instantly. Plus, they’re personal-sized, so there’s no need to share! That’s probably the best news regarding the whole thing, honestly.

Everyone loves Oreos.

I mean, how could you not? They’re the perfect treat.

There are so many ways to eat Oreos.

Like in a cake, for instance. Are you salivating yet? Am I the only one?

Plus, there are so many Oreo flavors!

Carrot Cake Oreo, anyone? That actually sounds really good.

Or perhaps, a love-themed Oreo for that special someone?

“Dunk in love” is very clever. Do you think Beyoncé and Jay-Z like these Oreos?

I mean, these flavors are really something.

Even if some of the flavors are a swing and a miss, we can all agree that in general, Oreos are perfect. And they’re so dang addicting!

Another great cookie is the classic Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookie.

It’s been around since the ’60s, after all. It’s an OG delicious packaged cookie.

They’re thin, crunchy, and so good.

Plus, they come with plenty of variations and special flavors.

Personally, chewy Chips Ahoy cookies are my favorite.

Come. To. Mama. Seriously, these things are so good when dipped in ice-cold milk.

They also come in cereal form, which is a win-win for everyone.

Who doesn’t love sugary sweet cereal with absolutely no nutritional value? I sure do!

So what in the world could be better than Oreos and Chips Ahoy cookies?

The only thing I can think of is a personal-sized cake that I can microwave quickly. And just my luck, this is exactly what’s happening…

Duncan Hines is now making microwavable Oreo and Chips Ahoy-flavored cakes.

This is truly the best news. Who doesn’t want an instant cake that tastes like an Oreo or Chips Ahoy cookie?

They take less than a minute to make.

We all lead very busy lives, so this is great news. It’s all about convenience, people.

Duncan Hines’ “Perfect Size For 1” has been around for a while.

They come in a bunch of flavors, too. Each box comes with four individual packets, and you simply heat the mix up in the microwave.

And wah-lah! You have a cake that’s perfect for yourself.

It’s a truly wonderful invention and the flavors are drool-worthy.

Confetti cake? Yes, please!

OMG. A confetti cake in less than a minute? It is taking everything in me to not run to Target right now and pick this up.

While all the flavors sound great, I’m seriously excited for Oreo and Chips Ahoy flavored cakes.

There’s also a Honey Maid flavor. YUM.

Something this delicious shouldn’t even exist.

How does one keep themselves from eating ONLY these cakes? Asking for a friend…

They’re beyond easy to make.

All you have to do is add some water, microwave uncovered, and boom. You’ve got your cake.

The cakes also come with toppings, like Oreo cookie pieces.

This is the best idea anyone’s had in a very long time.  

So far, the Oreo and Chips Ahoy flavors have been seen on Walmart’s website.

Get thee to a Walmart, ASAP! Hopefully, all three flavors will hit shelves everywhere.

Doesn’t Duncan Hines know we need this?

These flavors need to be available and easy to buy, ASAP. Come through, Duncan Hines!

They’ve also been spotted at Hy-Vee, a midwest grocery store.

Does this mean I have to move to the midwest? I mean, probably.

People love the Perfect Size for 1 series, so I can only imagine how big of a hit these flavors will be.

This sounds like a dream party, to be honest.

OMG, we need this.

Okay, this is a little bigger than a Perfect Size For 1, but how yummy does this look?

This looks so good.

Cookies and cream? Sign me up.

Some people love it so much, they stock up.

I want to hang out with this person. They know what’s up when it comes to snacks.

You can even get fancy and add your own toppings.

Ice cream and whipped cream sounds like a winning combination to me.

Who doesn’t love a personal-sized cake?

And it’s ready in exactly 1 minute, I mean come ON. There’s nothing better. I dare you to find something better. I’ll wait.

This chocolate chip muffin flavor sounds so good.

I know what I’m adding to my next grocery list…

Strawberry shortcake, are you kidding me?

Sign me up. Share this with your friend who has the biggest sweet tooth!