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It's no surprise that Reese's are an all-time favorite for candy lovers all over the world. You can't replicate the amazing taste of peanut butter and chocolate that has swept this country off of their feet. No matter the time of year, this candy is always a crowd pleaser.

The combination of peanut butter and chocolate is a duo that can hardly be topped by any other flavor pairing (even mint chocolate chip in my opinion). So, every time Reese's announces a new product, it's almost always a guaranteed win. Whether it's a seasonal shape, a mashup with another dessert, or just a double scoop of peanut butter in your Reese's cup, you can always bet on a delicious treat.

The latest Reese's creation is going to have you jumping for joy and kissing your diet goodbye. Reese's Ice Cream cake is could be the best idea yet, and you've got to see it to believe it.

Reese's flavored anything.

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There are a hundred reasons to love Reese's, and a big one is that it comes in so many shapes and sizes, but the flavor is always amazing.

It's socially acceptable to eat it for breakfast.

Nothing like a sugary bowl of Reese's Puffs to get your day started. It's never too early for chocolate in my opinion.

You can also have some in your coffee.

Because if you're already having Reese's in a cereal bowl, you might as well add it in your coffee cup.

Or spread it on anything you like.

For those who can't decide, just go ahead and spread this stuff on anything and everything to get your Reese's fix.

And of course, Reese's Eggs.

People wait all year to get their hands on those delicious Reese's Eggs. Of course, they taste just like a regular Reese's Cup, but it's all about the presentation really.

Spread the love.

People know that Reese's cups are one of the most special ways to tell someone you love them, sometimes even more than roses on Valentine's Day.

It's a love like no other.

Clearly, Reese's fans are dedicated to their dessert choices and are will to try this classic flavor in any way, shape, or form.

Reese's loves taking risks.

Thankfully, Reese's loves taking a good risk to prove to their dedicated fans that Reese's really is the MVP of candies.

Like this recent Reese's risk.

For those that want to double up on their peanut butter, or double up on their chocolate, this new Reese's has a ratio for every kind of fan.

Reese's did not come to play games.

Whether it's showing off a new recipe or with being savage on Twitter, Reese's is always staying relevant and working every angle they have to keep their fans satisfied.

They are also mad geniuses.

On top of being savage, they often tweet tips and tricks to make your day entirely better by introducing new and innovative ways to surround yourself with Reese's.

Which is how they thought of their latest genius creation.

Reese's wants to keep us on our toes, which is why they are bringing out the big guns, just in time for summer.

Ever dreamt of a Reese's cake?

You might picture something like this, but it seems a little extra. Plus, who has the time to do bake a cake with all these toppings?

For those of us who can't bake...

I'm no cake boss, but that shouldn't hold me back from indulging in a dreamy Reese's cake so that all my wildest peanut butter dreams can come true.

Introducing, the Reese's Ice Cream Cake.

It's chocolately, it's peanut-buttery, and most importantly, there's ice cream. This is what perfection looks like.

This is not fake news.

Some Reese's fans just could not believe the good news, but it is in fact, the truth.

It's all of our favorite things.

Reese's, cake, and ice cream! Does it get any better?

It's going to be good.

I can already feel the sugar rush just by looking at this thing and I am accepting the inevitable chocolate coma.

The beauty is in the details.

We all know that it's what's inside that matters, so let's break down this masterpiece so we can really understand its beauty.

The top layer is filled with goodness.

Covering the top of the cake is whipped peanut butter icing, a Hershey's chocolate drizzle, and to top it all off, crushed Reese's Cups.

Don't forget about the ice cream.

The actual cake is layered with chocolate ice cream and filled with peanut butter cup chunks, which is perfect for all those peanut butter obsessed fans.

People are totally psyched about this cake.

There's nothing more perfect than an ice cream cake in the middle of the summer, especially when it's Reese's flavored.

Heaven is a place on earth.

All you have to do is head to the freezer aisle at your nearest grocery store to bring this heavenly cake home.

OMG is right.

It is so hard to contain your excitement.

Its release is quite timely.

Apparently, May 18th is "I Love Reese's Day" which is a holiday I plan on taking very seriously, especially if I can have my friends over to share this cake with.

Grab all of your loved ones.

The cake can feed 9-12 people, so choose wisely, or cut the slices really thin so more people can eat. Or just buy multiple cakes, then you'll be fine.

Or, take it on solo.

But remember, that's just a serving suggestion. If you feel you can take on the entire cake yourself, go right ahead, no judgement.

Catch me sprinting to my local grocery store.

So far, these cakes have been spotted at Publix, ShopRite, Giant/ Martin's, Giant (Landover), and Food Lion. Hopefully, there's one of those grocery stores near you!

Sound the alarm.

It's a priority to go out there and get yourself a Reese's Ice Cream Cake, so don't waste any time!

Give your taste buds what they want!

It's all about sharing a cake with friends and family, so let everyone know the good news about the ice cream cake and share this article with your sweet friends!