You Can Now Buy Spreadable Avocado in a Deodorant Container but… Why Would You Want To?

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America’s avocado obsession just keeps on growing. Don’t get me wrong, avocados are great! But if you’re going to eat avocado, you’re definitely better off with a fresh one. Avocado can go bad pretty fast once it’s out of the shell. And yeah, that means you need to scoop out all the edible parts yourself, but it’s worth it. Maybe that’s why so many people just cannot deal with this crazy new invention.

So, someone managed to think up an avocado stick. That’s right: avocado mashed into stick form, which looks and operates like a stick of deodorant. Why does this concept exist? Well, to spread avocado over all your food easier, duh. Keep reading to see the real deal with this avocado stick and other unnecessary inventions!

Here it is, folks: Avocado On A Stick.

We all love avocado, right? So why wouldn’t we love just to roll it out of a little cannister? (Jk, we really wouldn’t.)

People are horrified that such a thing was even suggested.

The unnecessary invention rapidly blew up online as people freaked out over pictures of it!

Which is fair.

Avocado-on-a-stick sounds both incredibly messy, and just wrong.

So, heads up, ‘avocado sticks’ aren’t real.

As in, they are not for sale by actual retailers. Instead, they’re the brainchild of Matt Benedetto and his ‘Unnecessary Inventions’ Instagram account.

‘Unnecessary Inventions’ is a joke page.

Benedetto, an actual designer, uses the account to create plausible-sounding invention concepts that are also totally uncalled-for.

But Unnecessary Inventions made a case for it nonetheless.

Every millennial loves avocado toast! Now make your favorite snack faster than ever at home or on the go…on a stick! –unnecessaryinventions

Interesting demographic.

Well, if anyone would be the intended target audience, I guess it would be us millennials. Avocado on the go would be nice if it didn’t also sound so weird!

Some people got a little TOO worked up.

Mostly because some people didn’t actually realize that this ‘product’ was intended as a joke. They thought it was actually going up for sale!

And they were not amused.

Like, yeah, it would waste a ton of plastic. But this product is fake, everyone. It’s not real.

But it’s sad they missed the “this is fake” part.

Because all strangeness aside, this concept (and the joke behind it) is pretty amusing.

Other people saw a use for the product.

We may be past April Fool’s Day, but it’s never the wrong time to prank a true friend.

And some…really enjoy the smell of avocado.

I really think the most important distinction here is the difference between “can” and “should”. Technically, you can also go to the beach and drink ocean water. But…should you? Nah.

There’s also something uncomfortable about this creation.

You know, before I saw the whole thing on Instagram, I had this thought: I should be surprised, but I’m really not.

Check out this parody commercial:

I’m not surprised so many people fell for the joke. This is quite realistic!

So that’s the Avocado On A Stick.

But the Unnecessary Inventions page is filled with lots of other hilarious inventions. Let’s take a look at those, too!

Just in time for the “Game of Thrones” finale.

The night is dark and full of spoilers, people! So Unnecessary Inventions thought up some earplugs that hang with you all day long and keep those Game of Thrones spoilers away.

Here’s something to help your proficiency in deception.

Ah, yes, the complete opposite of a lint roller. It sounds hilariously terrible!

Okay, this is actually VERY necessary.

Behold the Hÿpēr Båg. Ikea should think about making these imaginary beauties complementary with every assembly-required furniture purchase, TBH.

And since that avocado stick went over so well…

Here’s some taco-scented body mist, for all those times you think: man, I really wish I was inside a Taco Bell kitchen right now.

The most inconvenient foot protection ever:

Ah, the things we think of in the name of preventing a bad toe-stubbing. Although if this existed, it would look hilarious.

Looking to perfect your Hulk Hogan look?

The answer is hopefully “NOPE,” but here’s an unnecessary mustache-stencil anyway.

Ready for a good dose of irony?

Honestly, the detail that really makes this joke shine is the font selection being Comic Sans.

Maybe our phones have been feeling overworked all along.

Come on, don’t you ever feel bad about how hard the little things are working? No? Just me? Yeah, that seems accurate.

Inferno Knuckles look cool AND dangerous!

Well, there’s no way this would possibly work the way it’s supposed to in real life…but I guess it could be intimidating to intruders?

Actually, these would be pretty funny to own.

There are plenty of novelty ice cube trays already out there. I really wouldn’t be surprised if I found out that something like this actually existed.

This would forever enable the lone wolves out there.

An attachable mirror that lets you watch your own back. Revolutionary.

Introducing the most unique footwear ever:

I could fulfill my dreams of being the slowest Spiderman ever, who also can’t sling webs or do anything besides badly cling to walls!

Also, the StickyKicks got some great comments.

46%?! Heck yeah, sign me up!

Bring this to the fanciest restaurant you can think of.

Because conforming to society’s expectations by learning to chew with your mouth closed is for quitters.

This would put all other charging cords to shame.

And this is another one of those fake inventions that is…sadly realistic. Oh, well! Get some laughs from these creative “inventions”? Share this story with your friends (if only to reassure them that avocado sticks won’t be haunting grocery stores anytime soon!)