You Can Now Get a Cake Pan That Lets You Bake Mini Tiered Cakes and We’re Obsessed

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We truly love to marvel at the big and the bold here in the States, but lately, there’s been a trend that goes in the opposite direction…

Tiny food videos are the latest to go viral, their ridiculously adorable set up makes for some interesting dishes straight out of The Borrowers.

Amazon’s brand new cake pan will have you posting your own tiny recipes in no time…


I know what you’re thinking… it must be fake? Well, you’re mistaken…

Major publications have even got in on the antics, due to them becoming so popular, including National Geographic and Vogue!

People from all over the world have embraced the art form, resulting in over 1.3 million results for “miniature food” on YouTube.

Today, viewers can find videos making recipes ranging from simple miniature BLT to an entire tiny Thanksgiving dinner.

Look at that tiny potato!

It’s way too cute!

Since these foods are made with real ingredients, many of them need to be cooked. However, due to the size of the meals, “miniacs” have to build their own tiny appliances with functional stoves. They usually use a tea light as a source of heat.

But according to Tiny Kitchen’s Kate Murdoch, because the quantities of food are so small, sometimes they can be done in seconds.

Some tiny chefs even go as far as to make an entire functional tiny kitchen!

Just because these meals are small doesn’t mean it takes a fraction of the time to produce these visual delights.

Jay Baron from the YouTube channel Walking with Giants has given an insight into how long it takes him to film the recipes…

His videos take “from eight hours to 50 hours” to make, and Kate Murdoch says that filming a 90-second video “can take three hours, depending on the recipe.” That’s a lot of effort.

Some of these artists go as far as making their own ovens specifically for baking tiny cakes and cookies.

Well, maybe these are the answer…

Whether recreating a famous cake or dessert in scaled-down form or cooking up some treats for afternoon tea, mini cake recipes contain some fantastic inspiration for bite-sized bakes.

You can now buy miniature cake pans to help you out!

Amazon has just released multi-tiered cake pans, and they are everything we need right now…

Even if the decoration doesn’t go to plan, no one’s going to see it anyway, and you can eat your failed attempts… without the guilt!

Sadly with lockdown not looking to come to an end anytime soon, this is a great activity to do at home, and everyone can decorate their own cakes how they want!

The pan even comes with the recipe and directions specifically to create your own perfect little cake!

Or whipping out your old junior math book to change up the measurements, because they’re all done for you.

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And the best part is it’s only $28, you can order them on Amazon’s website here. Keep scrolling to check out where to buy your own mini donut factory…