It's true what they say, dogs are a man's best friend. And what better way to spend some quality time with your best friend than to match with them? That's right: nothing!

There have recently been a few trends that have caught our eyes and they may just be the cutest trends of the year. This goes from people getting matching pedicures with their dogs to getting matching wardrobes with their pooches.

We are absolutely living for these cute little trends, so keep scrolling to see them in all their glory!

This year has seen its fair share of trends...

Especially this summer, trends were flying all over the place in terms of keeping up with fashion.

This summer, the "extra-long" toenail trend had us reeling.

Summer is all about the nails, but this really shouldn't have been a thing, but sadly, it was.

We just couldn't understand how people were actually walking around with these!

I'm sure that this is is a serious health and safety hazard. Someone call the cops.

But, thankfully, a new trend emerged that was much better than that one.

I can guarantee you that these won't repulse you, unless you hate dogs and all things cute - then you don't even deserve to see these pictures.

We all know that people love to pamper their pooches!

From cute spa days to dressing them up in personalized outfits, we support all of that good stuff. According to iHeartDogs, here are 5 of the best ways to show some well-deserved love to your pet!

1. Give your dog a massage.

You don't need to be an experienced masseuse to be able to do this. Your dog will enjoy a good ol' message just because he enjoys your touch.

2. Give your dog a bath.

It might not be fun if your dog hates getting wet, but a nice bubble bath will help to ease any tension in their bodies.

3. Make them a homemade treat.

Whip up some yummy treats for your pet. That way, you'll be able to control what goes into your dog's body and it will also help you to understand what your dog does and doesn't like.

4. Take them to the salon.

A cut, wash, and blowdry is always the best idea to keep your dog look its best.

5. Paint their nails!

This new tip will give you some quality bonding time with your pooch! These people have given it a go and the results are as cute as hell!

St Paddy's Day Special...

These sparkly green nails really scream "festive!"

A Purple Masterpiece...

This bulldog and her owner went for a stand-out classic.

A Matching Fucia Number...

Slightly badly painted, but cute nonetheless.

Happy Independence Day!

This owner always makes sure that she uses non-toxic nail polish because it's both safe for her and her dog!

Glitter Madness!

These are our favourite of the bunch!

Pedicure with a cause...

via: Instagram

Who says that you can't support LGBTQ+ community in the cutest way possible?

Sunshine Nails...

We're living for these!

Metallic Madness...

I'm sure that this dog is wearing fake nails, or are my eyes deceiving me? It's cute regardless!

And let's end it with this one...

Spiders never looked so good!

So what about winter trends for our pooches?

Dog coats simply won't do if you want your pet to be the most stylish on the block, which is lucky as H&M have launched matching sweaters for us and our pets.

The collection is very British in style...

via: H&M

The doggy collection is packed full of jacquards and fair-isle knits, with this little grey number being a jacquard grey knit polo jumper.

They are also very stylish...

via: H&M

This black knitted polo neck with "PRINGLE" embroidered on the back is on sale for $24.99. Stylish for both us and our pet...

Every item in the doggy collection is a part of H&M's Conscious Collection...

via: H&M

This means that they're all made from recycled polyester and organic cotton, as well as alpaca wool and viscose fibers.

This collection is perfect for the upcoming winter.

via: H&M

There's nothing better than the perfect winter wardrobe, and, now, your beloved pooch can walk alongside you in equal style and warmth! Sadly, the collection has currently sold out here in the US but it should be available very soon here.