There are certain things in life that just belong together. Peanut butter and jelly. Bacon and eggs. Spaghetti and meatballs. They just work in perfect harmony.

Recently, a new duo has popped up on the scene and it might not be something the world wanted or needed, for that matter.

Keep scrolling to find out all the details about guacamole-flavored Doritos... I know, we can't believe it either.

Everyone loves a good ol' pack of Doritos.

Come on, it's a top tier packet of chips.

The flavors are all amazing.

It's rare to find a company that can come up with flavors that appeal to everyone, and they are always experimenting. But for me, nothing beats the originals.

Cool Ranch?

via: Doritos

It's a yes from me.

Nacho Cheese?

via: Doritos

I'm totally here for them!

Sweet Chilli?

via: Doritos

Come to me!

And what better way to pair them than with a dip?

From a nice, tomato salsa...

To a nutritious guacamole dip...

You can combine the salty snack with almost anything.

But we were not expecting this...

Imagine I told you that the impossible has finally happened... Doritos have now come out with an all-new flavor for us all, and we don't know if we should be confused or delighted.

Introducing the limited-edition snack...

Guacamole infused Doritos.

They have an interesting look to them...

Even though they kind of look like they've been sitting at the back of the cupboard for a few years too long, I can assure you, they are meant to be green.

While some have claimed that this flavor is a blast from the past...

Like this user.

Others have shared that they're just glad they are back.

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If people are loving the idea, then maybe we should jump on board too?

But sadly for us, they are currently only available across the pond.

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A British man found them in his local Waitrose and couldn't help but tease us with the discovery...

Other British users have shared their pictures too.

"The Penguin Lady" claimed that they are absolute "game changers."

So what do you say?

We'll just have to wait to see if they come back to the States. If you're in the mood to read more about nostalgic foods, then keep scrolling. We've got you.