You Can Now Get Jail Time for Leaving Your Dog Out in the Cold Snow

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A new law that was recently passed in Pennsylvania states that you can now face jail time if you leave your dog alone outside in the cold weather and snow.

Here’s what we know so far…

There’s nothing quite like receiving the love of a puppy or a dog during the festive season!

And a family really isn’t complete without a 4-legged furry companion, right?

But it’s important to remember that a dog isn’t just for Christmas.

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Having a dog requires a lot of care and responsibility, which is something that many dog owners sadly don’t realize.

And that especially applies to dog owners who get their furry buddles of joy over the festive season!

Puppies and dogs are popular gifts over this time of the year, but it’s so important to make sure to take care of them properly.

They can face some serious consequences.

And Pennsylvania has put some new rules in place to ensure the safety of dogs all across the state this Christmas time.

But dog owners from far and wide are happy about its severity and they hope it’ll teach irresponsible owners a lesson when it comes to keeping their pups warm and safe this Christmas.

Or warmer than ninety degrees.

At only 7 weeks old, Libre experienced immense trauma, neglect, and abuse from his owners. But when a good samaritan discovered him in this tragic state, they phoned local animal rescuers who saved him from a lifetime of grief.

Anyone found in violation of the law faces both a stiff fine as well as anywhere between 6 months to 1 year in prison.

Jennifer Nields, the cruelty officer for the Lancaster County Animal Coalition, affirmed: “This won’t stop cruelty, but it will put an emphasis on the importance of justice for their suffering. The laws are recognition of their pain and what they deserve.”

Pennsylvania is the first to address the dangers of doing so under inclement or harsh weather conditions.

And let’s also hope that people receiving puppies as gifts this Christmas time will realize the responsibility that comes with them. Read on to check out the proud owner who gathered his seventeen sausage dogs for a festive family photo…