Now, this is something that all dog-lovers need in their lives!

Pets are one of the many joys in life.

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Whether you're a cat or a dog person, having a pet is simply wonderful.

It has been proven by experts that pet owners have significantly lower stress levels...

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Especially those who own cats and dogs.

Having a furry companion is good for you...

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And they can make a huge difference to a person's wellbeing.

And now that we're living through a pandemic?

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Now is the best time to have a pet!

They provide us with the best company...

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And for those who have been struggling with their anxiety and mental health during the lockdown period, pets have been there for their owners no matter what.

Who needs friends when you have a cat or a dog?

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Or am I the only one who thinks that...?

And when a person spends a lot of time with their pet...

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They often like to try and match with their faithful companion as much as they can... and clothing is the best way to do this.

Dressing up dogs isn't to everyone's taste...

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But there's no denying how cute they look!

But it's now time to forget the little t-shirts and onesies...

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Because you can now buy facemasks to perfectly match your pooch.

Introducing the matching facemask and doggy bandana sets!

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Created by StitchyStitch Designs, you can now perfectly match your furry friend, all whilst sticking to the government guidelines of wearing a facemask.

As you can see, the masks are made from a soft cotton material...

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Making them breathable and comfy to wear.

But of course...

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The adorable matching bandanas are the highlight!

Thankfully, dogs don't need facemasks...

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And they are perfectly safe from COVID for any anxious pet owners out there.

The masks and bandanas come in a range of colors and patterns...

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And prices for a matching set start at $15.90 - which is an absolute bargain!

There's also the option to have your mask and bandana personalised with an initial for an extra charge...

And no dog is left out. "Dog bandanas can be personalized with your dogs initial as well as your own on your face mask for a customized fit. We currently have a variety of fabrics which we can customize to the size of your dog," the product description explains.

Just picture your dog walks from now on...

"Our adorable summer-inspired fabrics for our dog bandanas and matching pet owner face masks make your next dog walk extra special."

And if any of the designs doesn't grab your attention...

You can easily contact the seller and she will whip up a unique design especially for yours and your dog's needs.

So far, the reviews have been brilliant...

And this happy shopper is delighted with the bandanas for her 3 adorable pooches! "Love the bandanas! Shipped and delivered faster than expected! Great quality and looks adorable on my pups. Going to order more!" she wrote.

People are impressed, to say the least.

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"It’s the fashion accessory you never knew you needed," one satisfied shopper wrote.

Way too cute!

If you're interested in your own matching facemask and doggy bandana, click here to have a browse. Keep on reading to check out the special pajamas that you can buy with your pet's face printed on them...