Picking a pet is a big decision, isn't it?

The typical pets to pick from are cats, dogs, hamsters or even fish depending on how much time and space you have.

Or there was that phase of people buying micropigs.

But how many people have you heard of that have a pet mini cow? Because you can now buy them.

Keep reading to find out more about them.


Pets are the most wonderful companions.

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They become your best friend.

And the ideal pet for everyone is different.

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Where some may prefer dogs over cats, some may choose guinea-pigs over hamsters.

Then you've got the decision of a boy or a girl.

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And what breed that you want.

Or perhaps you're looking for a more unusual type of pet if so this could be for you.

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Let me introduce you to fluffy mini pet cow.

Not the usual type of pet.

But aren't they cute?

The mini fluffy cow could be the new pet trend.

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In the same way that the micropig was.

They could be your new perfect pet.

According to LovableLittleOnes.com miniature cows make "exceptional pets".

The cows are easy to look after.

And are described as "being very social" and "giving a great deal of attention."

There are some pros that come with having a pet mini cow.

Turns out they are pretty handy to have around.

First of all, you don't need to worry about them growing too big.

According to Rural Living Today, mini cows don't grow anyone more than 48cm, the size of a large dog.

And having a miniature cow means that you have a free lawnmower.

One that will keep the grass short all year round by eating it.

They also create the perfect fertilizer.

So your garden will be healthy all year round.

Pets can often be expensive to look after as well.

With the likes of buying, food, toys, beds.

But miniature cows are very inexpensive.

There's no paying for expensive beds and the handling equipment doesn't cost much either.

And if you have children it could be the perfect family pet.

It can help with teaching children about responsibility.

You can set them chores to make sure it is looked after.

Also, tasks like ensuring the paddock has been cleaned out, their coats have been brushed and that they have been fed and watered.

Their tiny size makes them safe to work around.

Even if you do have children.

And their fluffy coat makes perfect for petting.

So it could be ideal of any family on the hunt for their next pet.

No doubt they are not for everyone.

But is the idea of a pet cow as bad as you first thought?

Could you see them becoming your family pet?

Or will you be sticking with a dog?