You Can Now Plant Blood Red Rose Bushes That Give off Flawless Gothic Vibes in Your Garden

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Gardening has really taken off in recent years. But one new trend has taken the internet by storm – and it’s not hard to see why.

The fact that many of us live in apartments without outdoor space means we want to bring the outside in.

There’s just one problem. Keeping plants alive can be hard!

From fresh flowers to mini trees, home jungles have become something of an Instagram obsession.

Our Pinterest board if full to the brim of homes peppered with plants and flowers.

That’s one jealousy-inducing home.

When it comes to planting things, expect the unexpected!

Dark, blackened red roses are appealing to our inner goth.

We can see why they’re so popular!

They’re actually a combination of red and deep purple pigments.

Or cultivated in a flower bed!

Basically like something out of a gothic Disney movie.

And you could have a crop by Halloween 2021!

Order the True Blood Rose Bush Seeds from Petidsrus on Etsy! Fancy more interesting gardening news? Scroll on…