Spring is fast approaching, and summer after that. Better yet, we're only a few weeks out from Spring Break in April! And when you're getting ready for beach days ahead, you can now get your dog ready too. Yep, we're talking about bathing suits made for a dog, because that's a thing now.

But hey, why not? You can pretty much get any other type of clothing for your canine companion. May as well throw a cute pair of swim trunks in the mix! Nobody escapes bathing suit season, not even the doggies. Oh, and they come in matching pairs for the pups' human parents, just in case you wanted your beach trip to be even more adorable.

Get ready for a puppy fashion show, folks — and honestly, there's no better type of fashion show anyway!

There's a whole world of doggie fashion out there.

And our pups can be, unsurprisingly, snappy dressers.

How about a cute PJ onesie?

Aww, do you think the puppy is counting sheep, too?

There's high fashion...

You don't need to be human to sport couture.

And then there's...this.

All I can really say about this outfit is that it's a lot. A lot of colors, a lot of style choices. Just, a lot.

You can keep your dogs out of the rain in style.

via: Doggy Swag Shop

Because this jacket is literally called a "Swag Raincoat" on the online Doggy Swag Shop.

Okay, this isn't actually dog clothing but it's too cute not to look at.

Eh, we'll just call it 'improvisational outerwear'.

Need seasonal holiday gear?

Because it's definitely out there. No longer will you be the only one silently suffering through Christmas dinner in an ugly yet festive sweater!

It's giraffe-dog!

And hotdog-cat, which is really just icing on the super cute cake at this point.

Seems like Halloween is just as lucrative for dogs as people.

Now that dog knows how to pull off a runway walk! Even if it's really on asphalt.

Sports jersey, anyone?

Pretty sure there you could get any sports team jersey you wanted for a dog. If there's one industry that doesn't skimp on merch, it's the sports industry.

Now, this is a LOOK.

And really, this pup pulls off a music festival look better than most people who go!

This cutie has more street cred than he'll know what to do with.

Amazing how one fitted grey dog jacket can create a whole mood around this little guy.

Dogs can conform to dress codes, too.

from aww
It just goes to show that every look is achievable, even when you've got four legs and a wagging little tail.

This is a full-on dog dress!

via: Pawsshion

My, my, she looks ready for a classy garden party in that!

Also, there's a whole Reddit thread for 'canine cosplay.'

Um, yes. If you've seen any of the recent X-Men movies (with the younger generation of X-Men), you'll recognize Jubilee's cute '80s duds!

Recognize this famous painter?

from aww
It's Dog Ross, guys! This is hands-down the best doggie costume I've seen in years.

So it also shouldn't be surprising that there's gear for summer.

Summer fashion isn't just for humans, you know!

Like this SPECTACULAR beachy look:

via: Imgur

That lil' dog pulls off a Hawaiian shirt and lei better than any middle-aged vacationing dad.

It's also apparently a versatile style.

via: Imgur

Because there are lots of different color options. Also, is that a hat? 10/10, would dress a dog in this outfit.

And then, there's this majestic swimsuit:

via: Amazon

Yep, it's a pair of swim trunks specifically made for a dog. I don't know why a dog would need them to swim, but dang if it isn't adorable!

They're made with the environment in mind.

via: Amazon

According to Kove, the makers of this doggie suit, the company "recycles 8 water bottles in every swimsuit." So your dog is also wearing safe, recycled material!

Which is significant, if you think about it.

via: Amazon

Kove also writes "...Every minute a dump truck dumps plastic into the ocean, in Los Angeles alone, 10 tons of plastic are carried into the Pacific. Sea life is being destroyed every second due to polluted waters from lack of recycling."

So let's hear it for recycled bathing suits!

via: Amazon

If you can save the ocean AND have a photogenic puppy on beach trips, then I guess that's a win-win!

There are a couple of different colors.

via: Amazon

There's the blue you've seen, and then this mellow green too!

Oh, and you can totally twin with your dog.

via: Amazon

Yeah, there are versions of this suit in both colors for men, too. So you can have a father-son (or daughter, TBH, any dog would fit them) day!

There's even a glowing review on Amazon for them.

These are amazing. Got a pair for my dog. Ordered a size XL and it fits him well. He’s a 100-pound lab! I’m blown away that the fabric is made from recycled water bottles. I’m going to order a matching swimsuit for my husband. My new favorite brand!  -B So, yeah, the suit is confirmed a super cute fit!

Also, there's other dog swimwear on Amazon.

via: Amazon

Like this sweet little mermaid-style life jacket, so your dog can float and swim in safety!

And there's also a shark version.

via: Amazon

Because who doesn't wanna reenact Jaws with their pupper?!

There's even a dog bikini.

via: Amazon

I mean...honestly, what can't you find on the internet at this point?

So, your dog can prep for spring break as easily as you can!

The options are many. If you're looking to take your dog places in style, you should have a pretty solid starting place now! Share this story with your other dog-loving friends!