You Can Now Rent a Floating Party Pod That Can Sail Around the World

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As summer rolls around, this year, many of us feel like we’re going to have to do something a little special to spice things up.

As summer rolls around, with it, we start to experience all of its usual trappings – longer evenings, an influx of bugs, and a strange desire to day drink.

There’s something about the summer months that simultaneously chills us out, while also lifting our spirits.

And one perpetual complaint about the summer months? Those days when the heat just gets too much.

We spend the whole of the winter praying for the temperature to rise and for summer to begin and the moment that it does, we all seem to realize that it’s just too hot!

A trip away, of course!

And eco-friendly floating travel pod, of course!

Or some sort of luxurious … boat?

The architect was reportedly inspired by The Spy Who Loved Me.

Straight out of the future!

They’re totally eco-friendly, too.

And recycles clean water back into the oceans.

So you can set your pod down without causing issues to the ocean bed.

And inside, there’s a big bed and a pool that can be filled from the surrounding sea.

Plus, you can climb onto the roof for some outdoor space.

Now that’s a party we want to go to!

These pods currently only exist off the coast of France.

Second home,  anyone?

Apparently you can customize your pods to make them suit you when you order.

Maybe next summer, hey?

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