I think we're all pretty fed up with being stuck in isolation right now, in fact, one of the main things getting us through is the thought of spending the remainder of the summer exclusively outdoors.

And what better way to embrace your new-found freedom than planting your own moon garden? This luna therapy will have you spending all of your time basking in the moonlight, and we're loving the witchy vibes.

Keep scrolling to find out how to make your own...

Houseplants have really taken off in the past few years.

The fact that many of us live in apartments without outdoor space means we want to bring the outside in.

You can turn your home into an indoor jungle.

There's just one problem. Keeping plants alive can be hard!

But that doesn't stop people filling their houses with greenery.

From fresh flowers to mini trees, home jungles have become something of an Instagram obsession.

And we're not complaining...

Our Pinterest board if full to the brim of homes peppered with plants and flowers.

How stunning is this set-up?

That's one jealousy-inducing home.

But after spending god knows how long in isolation staring at your house plant arrangement, no doubt after all this is over, you'll be devoting most of your time to the outdoors.

And I don't blame you. That's where moon gardening comes in...

After the first few days of burning yourself red raw due to the pure excitement of being able to sit out in the sun, you're probably going to need some downtime.

So why not enjoy some lunar therapy and embrace the witchy vibes moon gardening has to offer.

It's all very spiritual.

Deciding what to put in your moon garden is essential, moon gardens can have many facets. Using all white and silver plants works well but also plants that flower or release their scent at night.

Gardening is straight-up relaxing, but gardening under moonlight can have added benefits...

Like sunlight, moonlight provides the body with vitamin D, mood-boosting endorphins, and nitric oxide that can help lower blood pressure. I think we could all do with a bit of moonlight right now.

As you might imagine, many of the flowers used in creating a moon garden are light so they can be seen after sunset. There is something magical about sitting outside at sunset.

It's important to mention, all the flowers in this list can live inside too, so why not make your own little moon garden inside! Here are some of the best ones...

1. Evening Primrose

Not only do they have a sweet aroma, but these flowers also open at dusk, which is the best time to sit out to get the most out of this flower.

2. Night Phlox

It even sounds magical! This colorful flower blooms in shades of white, purple, and maroon, releasing a honey-almond smell.

3. Angel Trumpet

via: Instagram

Now this flower is enormous. They are known to attract hummingbirds and are known among gardeners to have a distinct “erotic" fragrance. I don't know what it means but I like it.

4. Mock Orange

These do exactly what they say on the tin, offering a delicate citrusy smell, and can be used indoors or outdoors respectively.

There are plenty of flowers that are perfect in a moon garden without such strong scents, and the names are amazing...

Here are some of the best...

5. Mugwort

This could easily live in the world of Harry Potter. It's used similar to sage to cleanse your home, it's also said to be good for acidic stomach and insomnia!

6. Moonflower

This appropriately named flower has a white blossom that only blooms at night, but be warned, the flowers are massive!

7. Tuberose.

This flower is best known for its incredible, sweet fragrance, and also happens to be night-blooming. Tuberose is associated with peace and sensuality.

8. Alyssum.

This plant is often used as a border along paths or flower beds. For this reason, it is magically associated with protection.

These are the essentials for anyone looking to build their own moon garden.

via: Instagram

Let's just hope we can get outside and get planting soon. Stay witchy. Keep scrolling for another plant you might want to add to your ever-increasing collection. Try not to be alarmed, but this one has a face!