Pictures That Prove You Don’t Need Good Taste to Be an Excellent Craftsman

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There are two important skills involved in making anything worthwhile: 1) ideas, and 2) execution. Without good execution, the most brilliant idea will fall flat on its face. And the opposite is true as well — flawless craftsmanship cannot save the worst idea in the world.

But damn if those horribly misguided bad ideas don’t look pretty cool when they’re executed this well.

So what makes an idea good or bad? It all comes down to taste. And with taste, you either have it or you don’t. But that distinction, ultimately, has nothing to do with whether or not you’re a good craftsman. A lot of times, the most skilled person is given a terrible, tasteless idea. And they have no choice but to just do their best.

Here, we’re collecting images from the Awful Taste But Great Execution subreddit, a place where internet users post disgusting things that are made really, really well.

A good way to make sure nobody steals your luggage.Compact8909

No two shows are more different than King of the Hill and Sailor Moon. Why get a tattoo of them together? I will be thinking of this until the day I die.

Now this is sick.

If 13 year old me became an interior designer.slickdaddyvick

Me: I’m having issues projecting my voice. Barber: Say no more.oistr

An adult-knit onesie.bsurfn2day

This expertly bound $3200 Bible from 1848.. bound in hairy human skin.Murderhands

Found this on Craigslist. I have no words.[account deleted]

I think I found my Halloween costume.DougJudyBK99

German police stops car with what turns out to be a blood sticker. No charges because “awful taste is not a crime”.TomBaiRaise

This set of dice for Dungeons and Dragons.dewpoke

On one hand, Elon’s Cybertruck beats a Porsche 911 in a drag race. On the other, it looks like an extra credit problem in a geometry class…NavidsonRcrd

The ’90s all in one bitchin’ tattoo.[account deleted]


Heard you guys might appreciate this velvet Mercedes I saw…comicbookbean

I went on a date today, and he proudly showed me this tattoo.btacceber

I was told this custom Luigi Rolex belongs here.mycoandbio

Beautiful and delicious?

Awful toast but great eggsecution.zaltair77

Moldy fruit art using precious gems and stones.zombiefriedrice

Imagine someone explaining this in an art gallery to people of the future.Laviticus_Maximus

Thanks @ArtistJodySteel on Instagram for the nightmare fuel.TheBizzareKing

Arby’s has flipped the vegan meat “trend” on its head with the “Megetable,” a carrot made out of turkey that looks and taste almost exactly like the vegetable.BoseVati

This crystal furniture set looks like raw chunks of meat.Kim_Jong_Fieri

Wallet chain ankle crocs — thank you small town malls.ghosted_

I kinda love these, is this bad?samijubb141

Any Van Gogh fans around?[account deleted]

Just came across this on Instagram…haldyson

Who’s up for some salad lasagna?BaconBunkerFuck

I think whoever did this really nailed this oysters.Snow75

“I need people to think I’m a Bond villain.”BabylonLiaison

This dentist’s waiting room.Panda_911