This Guy’s Buddy Reveals the ‘Magic’ Behind All of His Illusions and It’s Totally Hilarious

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People tend to love magic or hate magic. There’s not much in between. A new pair calling themselves A Gan and Pokerface Man have taken off online, and they just might appeal to people at both ends of the spectrum.

We question what’s real. We doubt our own eyes. But there’s one thing we know for sure: magicians almost never reveal their secrets.

That’s why we love it so much when we do get a glimpse behind the curtain.

Being in on the gag is so much fun! Any time we see a trick or illusion, our first question is, of course, “How’d did they do that?” But magicians are frustratingly tight-lipped and secretive.

A Gan’s videos are going viral. The illusions are good, but the best part is his sidekick promptly revealing how the trick works. We can’t get enough.

The sleight of hand and showmanship would be entertaining on its own, but the addition of the unflappable companion who gives it all away is brilliant. We can’t tell which of these guys I like better. What we do know is we could watch this all day.