You Might Find This Earwax Removal Tool to Be Oddly Satisfying

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There are time we find something on the internet and it is simply so buckwild that we need to share it. This is one of those times: the internet may have just gone a little bit too far. But then again, maybe you’ll find it just as oddly satisfying as the people who made it. Because here’s the thing: we’ve discovered a website that not only sells products that are kind of gross, it’s excited about it.

In fact it’s so on board with the disgusting factor that it’s called Dose of Gross, and it’s whole deal is that the products are the most satisfying kind of nasty. Oh is that too vague for you? Ok sit your butt down because we’re about to get into the grossness. Have you ever heard of an ear wax otoscope remover? I didn’t think so. But if you feel a deep sense of satisfaction when you pull a big ol’ hunk of wax out of your ear, it may just be the product for you.

Do Not Read If You’re Easily Grossed Out

Here’s the deal: we’re about to talk a lot about ear wax. Because it’s gross and also absolutely mesmerizing in the same way that you can’t look away from a car crash. And these people at Dose of Gross have leaned in hard to the ickier elements of their product line, so who are we to deny them their branding?

The Otoscope Gives You the Whole View

If you find that you can’t stop staring at the Q-tip after you take it out of your ear (and hey: don’t do that! It’s super bad for your ears!) the otoscope is the answer to all your gross little prayers. It has a teeny tiny camera on the end that pairs with your smartphone so that you can watch the whole process while you get in there and dig out all the wax.

Gross…but Healthier

Here’s the best part: you can indulge your disgusting side while treating your body like the temple it is. Is this an oxymoron? Our body temples are gross, what can I say. Sticking a Q-tip in your ear is a recipe for disaster: all it does is mash the wax further in there. The otoscope actually has a little scoop that lets you pull it out. So what I’m really saying is that you get bigger and better finds of wax.

Are You Grossed Out Yet?

If not, then you may want to indulge your icky curiosity just a little bit further by checking out the whole Dose of Gross website. Apparently there’s something about telling people they get to see gross stuff that is a really appealing sales pitch, and you may just be the target audience.