You Need This Bumper Dumper Portable Toilet for Your Next Road Trip | 22 Words

Road trips are fun, aren't they?!

There's nothing quite as good as reconnecting with nature and taking some time away from the big city... until it comes to using the restroom, of course.

But thanks to a clever little invention, you can now bring your very own Bumper Dumper portable toilet along with you on your next road trip or camping venture... for your convenience!

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Who doesn't love taking an exciting road trip?

Or going camping out in the wilderness? Well, we absolutely love embarking on outdoor adventures, but if there's one thing we can agree on, it's that using the restroom out in the middle of nowhere isn't always ideal.

Well, all of you lucky campers are now in for a real treat!

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Introducing... the Bumper Dumper mountable portable toilet! You will never need to worry about pulling over at the side of the road or exposing yourself in the middle of a forest ever again with this wonderful invention!

This portable toilet is sturdy enough to hold up to 500 pounds worth of "product"...

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And it easily mounts on a 2x2 hitch receiver or alternatively, can be used as a stand-alone unit in conjunction with a 5-gallon bucket. This is what dreams are made of.


via: Amazon

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