We all love pugs.

Corgis are pretty much the mascots of the Internet.

"French bulldog breathing problem noises" is my favorite Spotify channel.

But there are some rare dog breeds out there that are just as silly looking and adorable as our classic favorites, and they deserve your immediate attention.

Tibetan Spaniel

via: Dog Time

This little nugget looks like a fluffy pug with a regal air of superiority. It's like someone took a regular dog, smooshed its nose in, shortened its ears, and rubbed it with a balloon until it was all staticky. He's perfect.

Peruvian Inca Orchid

via: Flickr

This dog is a post-apocalyptic Mad Max character, only way more smiley. The Peruvian Inca Orchid is hairless except for that fiery mohawk. Simultaneously so ugly and so cute.

Neapolitan Mastiff

via: Pinterest

Have you every seen a more wrinkly dog?? The answer is no. You have not. *If this guy looks familiar, you must be a Harry Potter fan.

Belgian Laekenois

via: Dublin Dog Blog

Look at those luxurious locks! Most people can't achieve those effortless waves even on a breezy beach day. Where's the slow motion video of the Belgian Laekenois running on sand, Baywatch-style?

Chinese Crested

via: Dog Breeders Gallery

Another hairless wonder graces our list! That punk rock hairdo and those shaggy ankles make the Chinese Crested way cooler than you. But come on, look at her. She's earned it.

Cirneco dell’Etna

via: Animals Club

This strapping Silician breed is all ears. Yes, I'm sure they're good listeners, but I mean actually look at those perfectly perky ears. They're stunning.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

via: Siggy's Paradise

Unbelievably quaint and adorable name aside, the Dandie Dinmont looks like my grandma when she has a perm! (Which is always. She always has a perm.)


via: 101 Dog Breeds

This fuzzy gremlin is too cute for words. His fur is like a party in the front...and a fancier party in the back!

Russkiy Toy

via: World Dog Show

The Russian (or Russkiy) Toy looks like a chihuahua with winged ears. These magical tiny creatures somehow manage to be elegant and silly at the same time.


via: Instagram

Is this a dog or a bunny rabbit?! Those little cotton ball ears had me fooled for a second. And with a cute name like Pumi? This gal hopped her way right into my heart.

Tarsus Catalburun

via: Instagram

The Tarsus Catalburun has a unsettling nose that appears to be split in half, but I think it's one of those weird things that might grow on you with time. (Related: When I was a kid and my dad gave me a sip of wine, it was gross, but now I sit on my couch with a bottle of Malbec and a super long straw and have the time of my life.)

Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless Dog)

via: Vet Street

Apparently, all hairless dogs are hairless except on their heads. This guy looks insane. He has a crazy name. And I can't stop looking at him.

Bedlington Terrier

via: Vet Street

This dog looks just like a sheep, but a "sheepdog" is something else entirely. Whoever's in charge of naming dog breeds really needs to get it together.

Bouvier des Flandres

via: Vet Street

How does this dog see?!?! With all that hair in front of his face, he's going to need a seeing-eye human. I will gladly volunteer for that position.


via: Instagram

This African dog breed looks fragile and athletic at the same time. It could definitely beat me in a footrace, and also a beauty pageant, and it's also probably better at math because clearly, this dog is perfect at everything.

Swedish Vallhund

via: Dog Time

I have no idea why this dog isn't called a Corgi Wolf. Because that's pretty much the look this this squat, fierce Swedish Vallhund is pulling off.


via: Dog Breeds List

The frizz on this tiny pup is out of control. Spoiler alert: They stay just as frizzy as adults. Squee.

Brussels Griffon

via: Instagram

OK, calling it right now: Brussels Griffons are the next pugs. They look like gremlins from the movie Gremlins. Although if you get them wet, they don't transform into scaly, evil creatures. They just smell bad.

New Guinea Singing Dog

via: Tumblr

The New Guinea Singing Dog might not look too crazy, but its habit of howling like it's straining for the high notes is incredible.


via: 101 Dog Breeds

The Sloughi looks like a someone took a Great Dane and flattened it. And made its snout long and pointy like Pinocchio's. And gave it a really weird name.