These People Are Having Just the Worst Day Ever

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It is always important to take a step back, slow down, and reflect on your position in the world. Maybe you are working too hard and not taking enough time for yourself, or vice versa. Maybe you are not being the creative person you know you are deep down inside. Maybe you want to take a moment to be grateful for everything you have and realize that you are privileged in certain ways.

For example, one way you might be privileged is by not being any of the people on this list. Oh my lord, these people have gotten themselves stuck in some real pickles, and it is important that we all look at this list, we all try not to laugh at these poor souls (even though that might prove to be impossible), and we all thank whatever being it is that we worship that we have not gotten ourselves stuck in sticky situations like these. Honestly, you might never recover from the amount of cringing you are about to do.

Get ready to facepalm like you’ve never facepalmed before.

These stories and moments will make you want to crawl inside a hole and go to sleep. Luckily, you probably aren’t far away from your bed.


Oh no! I never like bath bombs because they make the water all weird colored and murky, but this is even worse.

Wrong number

This is an evil game to play with someone. Unless this person also has a baby and they were talking about two different babies.


What do you even do when this happens? Oh man, that kid is lucky he’s really cute.


Yeah, I don’t think any amount of rice is going to fix that laptop. It’s donezo.

No “M”

This is hilarious. There is nothing you can do about this except maybe use a computer in the library, and I am guessing that with four hours until it’s due, it’s pretty much the middle of the night.


This person thought they were being clever, but now they are stuck and their car is ruined and everyone gets to drive by and laugh at them.


I think this is the universe trying to tell this person that no one should ever eat a sandwich from a vending machine. That can’t be good.

Painted into a corner

This is one of those rare moments when you see a saying come to life and then you really, truly understand what it means.


To be fair, that is a weird color for a cake made out of soap. It really does look like chocolate.


— paco (@PacoSZN) May 20, 2018
This is haunting. Horrifying.
It’s like the soul of a monster left her body and infiltrated the bed.

Oh no

Of all the wrong words to say in front of a classroom full of 13-year-olds, that is just about the worst one.

Ruined dog

There’s no way the groomer did this on purpose. This must have been one of those situations where you cut a little off but it doesn’t look right so you keep going until it’s a disaster.

What are the odds?

What are the actual odds that the tow truck that you call for your car with a flat tire gets a flat tire and has to call another tow truck? It’s tow truck inception!

Sith name

Yeah, this doesn’t work well for everybody, least of all Suna. Poor Suna.


This would be an ordeal on any day, but the day you are leaving to go on vacation?! When you have a plane to catch?! Oh no!


We have all had days like this one. Fortunately for us, we weren’t Snapchatting them minute-by-minute.

Ship down

I don’t know what’s on that ship, but whatever it is is not getting delivered. It lives at the bottom of the ocean now.

Green juice

Honestly, this is why you never make a smoothie. That stuff gets everywhere. Have you ever even tried cleaning a blender? It’s impossible.


What. A. Mess. There’s no coming back from that.

Head stuck

This is why you never put your head through anything for a laugh. Eventually, everyone else will be laughing at you.

The jim

hold on a second
— ??? ??? (@jnudey) February 24, 2018

This is absurd. There is no way this is real because there is no way a person who thinks “gym” is spelled “jim” has any friends to text about it.

Ultimate fail

How does this happen? There are no other cars? Did she fall asleep at the wheel? I genuinely need to know what happened here.


Oops. I didn’t know this was a real thing that could happen! I thought this was only something that happened in movies.

Locked out

Yes, the AAA guy locked his own keys in his truck while trying to help the person who locked their keys in their car. Amazing.

Pierced nipples

What a way to break the news! I hope her mom was cool about it.


I love everything about this post, not the least of which is the spelling of “lasagna.” It’s just a perfect post in every way.

Picture perfect

Is it just me or did anyone else hear Miley Cyrus’ voice singing, “I came in like a wrecking ball!” when they looked at these photos?


This poor girl doesn’t know that her pen is open and drawing all over her back. And will she ever know? Not unless someone tells her!

Bacon grease

Ew! Gag! No! This is terrible. Share this with someone and be grateful that you are not these people.