You Won’t Get Through This List of Horrible Boss Stories Without Gasping in Shock

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We have all had some pretty terrible bosses in our time. The person at the top can dictate so much about your experience at a job, and so it super sucks when that person is mean, doesn’t respect you or the other employees, and/or does super strange things. Maybe your boss is petty and nasty. Maybe your boss is a total creep. Maybe your boss is outright racist and homophobic. (I had one of those once. It was not cool.) There are so many different ways a boss can suck.

And you about to learn so many of those ways. Writer Talia Lavin recently asked people on Twitter to share their horrible boss stories, and my oh my, people delivered. Like, I have had some bad bosses, but some of the stories you are about to read are out-this-world bonkers, so outrageous that it would be completely impossible to make up something that crazy.

I think these threads are always so juicy. Some of the things people have put up with from their bosses are insane, as you are about to see.

She was quitting… In what world did this boss think that berating her like that would convince her to change her mind. Amazing.

This might actually be the most passive-aggressive thing I have ever heard. Was she supposed to go up to him and be like, “Welp, guess you don’t want me to work here anymore!”?

Wow, this is 31 flavors of inappropriate. She sounds like the worst.

Noooooooooo. I can’t — NOOOOOOOO. I can’t stop saying noooooooooo! The next one is weirdly familiar to me…

OK, the farting this is crazy, but I remember in elementary school, there was a teacher who was famous because she once threw a stapler at another teacher’s head. Needless to say, no one wanted to be in her class.

What a story. Paranoid boss obsessed with hidden cameras dies installing a hidden camera. That sounds like a really bad Law & Order episode.

This is so shady and probably 100 percent illegal, and I am so mad on behalf of this person. All because they brought up concerns about behavioral health coverage.

HA! This is almost like the time when, after two years with the company, I got laid off via email on election night in 2016. I lost my job as Donald Trump became president. What a night.

OK, this is totally illegal! It’s way too easy for employers to fire people because of health issues. The system is so broken. The next one is beyond infuriating…

This is unconscionable. How does any coworker get away with pulling a knife on a coworker, regardless of gender? It’s clear the boss didn’t believe them because they were women.

Uh oh! I guess there are some jobs where it’s important not to be too political on social media, but I have a feeling, from the description of the boss, that this wasn’t one of them.

Why can’t people just take responsibility for their own mistakes? Even if you blow up at someone, once you realize you were in the wrong, apologize. Immediately.

This is awful. Luckily, this guy’s wife is OK today. That’s the most important thing. But man, what a terrible boss.

This is, um… I just don’t have any words for it. I don’t understand how a person does something like this. The next one escalates quickly…

Wow, that went from like, three to 60 in one sentence. Clearly, that guy had some issues.

This is hilarious. It would totally suck if you were a hardworking person putting in a whole day of work, and then your boss did that, but man, that’s a bold move.

Well, I mean, yeah. That’ll do it. This person wins…or loses, I guess.

What in the what! This is so crazy and so incredibly inappropriate at every stage of the story. Every detail of this makes this guy seem worse and worse.

This isn’t The Princess Bride. You can’t be like, “Goodnight, Westley. Good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning!” just to make your employee work harder. That’s not how it works. The next one is mind-boggling…

Um, what?! This is terrifying and terrible. A boss needs to be able to give direct, constructive feedback. That’s like, one of the most important skills a boss can have.

OK, this is beyond. This might be the craziest story in the whole bunch. Yeah, I’d say that a boss who tries to traffic you is probably the worst kind of boss you can have.

No one was doing work that day anyway! Let this person go be with their family on the day their relative died.

Men are always forgiving other men’s bad behavior with no regard for how it makes other people feel. This sucks on all the levels.

Oh hell no. She was working in the fitness industry, but still, this is many, many shades of wrong. You probably know the guy the next person is talking about…

She’s 100 percent talking about Jared Kushner. I could see him being a terrible boss. He’s a terrible person, after all!

Ooh, I cannot handle this. What part of “emergency c-section” doesn’t this boss understand?

What a weird, unnecessary power move. If you’re going to make someone eat in the kitchen, at least put a chair in there.

What is there to push back against? This 94-year-old man should have been given whatever he wanted. He was 94!

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