You’ll Be SHOCKED To Learn That These 10 Pieces of ‘Common Knowledge’ Are Totally Wrong

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Growing up we all somehow got a lot of the same things embedded into our brain. Common examples are things like “dogs see in black and white,” or “lobsters scream when you boil them.”

Over the years you may have learned that some are untrue, but thanks to a new Reddit thread we discovered that many more pieces of “common knowledge” are just totally false.

When a bear is dismantling a beehive, what it’s really after is the little bee larvae inside. Suddenly Winnie the Pooh is much darker…

But I guess having Bugs Bunny say “What’s up, Doc?” while chewing on a bale of hay didn’t work as well as the carrot.

If I had this information 15 years ago I would’ve been eating something better than carrots. I ate so many carrots as a kid and I’m still as blind as a bat.

I assume it depends on the species of bat, but still. Now my metaphors are ruined!

And now I can’t stop picturing what a “goldfish trick” is supposed to be. Is it like a goldfish leaping through flaming hoops or something?

Also, why are so many of these about goldfish? You’d think we’d have something as simple as goldfish down as far as common knowledge goes, but apparently not. Anyway, enough about goldfish!

Nor will cutting your hair make it grow faster. I don’t know how this myth got started, but I can only assume it was by mothers that wanted to get their 14-year-old boys to shave their horrible mustaches.

According to people who have actually been to space, the Great Wall is not wide enough to be seen from that far away.

Well, thankfully that terrifying “fact” is nothing but a myth. It makes sense that it isn’t, but was still terrifying to think about.

And yes, before you ask, dogs can look up.