We Just Discovered Young Chris Evans Was the Face of Classic ’90s ‘Mystery Date’ Board Game

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Before they’re famous celebrities, a lot of actors have tons of weird and strange gigs. You’ve got to pay the bills somehow! Most people don’t just get their big break overnight. They spend years and years working in restaurants, tutoring, being assistants, and sometimes…if you’re a gorgeous Avenger…you model for teen board games.

Yes, that’s right. A certain Marvel Avenger was actually the face of the beloved ’90s Mystery Date board game.

Before he was saving the world as Captain America, actor Chris Evans actually modeled as the face of Mystery Date. As can be expected, this surprised (and delighted) a lot of people. Twitter – because it’s Twitter – went nuts, and the responses are hilarious.

I mean, it totally makes sense. Chris Evans is gorgeous, so who wouldn’t want to go on a “mystery” date with him?

Keep reading to find out how the internet reacted to this hilarious news!

I mean, for one, he’s a total babe. Just look at his face!

I mean, the man loves animals! He’s always tweeting pictures of his dog.

He even takes his dog on the set of his movies! Are you serious? This picture shouldn’t be allowed on the internet. NSFW.

Who doesn’t love a dude who loves his siblings? I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Okay, this is the sweetest Valentine’s Day post of all time. Who else wishes they were that dog? That’s a healthy wish, right?

These pictures are precious. My heart is melting!

And why wouldn’t he? The only thing cuter than Chris Evans’ face is his dog’s face. Wow.

And posts hilarious behind-the-scenes photos with them. ScarJo and Chris Evans have the cutest friendship.

This old headshot is hilarious. He looks…weirdly the same?

A face for the pictures, that’s for sure! This is such a ’90s-specific headshot.

How many of these things does he have? Truly shocking.

What a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man.

This basically means he’s a Disney prince. In this house, we stan a Disney-lover!

Chris Evans, proving once again, that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He posted this #tbt acting clip and it’s wonderful.

Writer and hilarious person Dana Schwartz discovered that Chris Evans is the face of the Mystery Date board game. Say what?!

Tyler, who are you?! Does anybody else remember Chris Evans being on the cover of this board game?

Is your 12-year-old mind blown? What a revelation!

This is definitely the greatest glow up of all time. From surfer dude Tyler to saving the entire world.

This is definitely what a young Chris Evans was saying on that giant telephone.

We all process in different ways. The next reaction is hilarious…

Hey, it’s not like Marvel was paying the bills yet. Evans had to make ends meet somehow!

The perfect screenshot for this situation.

This person nailed this reaction picture. Incredibly on the nose.

For real, what happens at the secret beach? We need to know, people!

We are all the dog. The dog is us. We are one.

Could it be? Were both Captain America and Captain Marvel board game models?

Are Mystery Date and The Avengers in the same universe? My mind is blown.

This just proves Chris Evans has been in the business for a long time. His hard work has obviously paid off!

What a tragedy to not have played Mystery Date growing up. It was such a hilarious and ridiculous game.

You’ll never be able to look at Captain America the same way again. Share this with a friend who loves Chris Evans!