Hilarious 'Your Boss Calls You and Asks You to Come Into Work on Your Day off' Memes | 22 Words

Weekends truly are the best part of the week. You can sleep in as late as you want, stay in your pajamas all day long, and you don't have to answer to anyone. That is, of course, until your boss calls you and asks you to come into work on your day off. Everyone reacts to this dreaded phone call differently. Some people just give in immediately and try to look on the bright side of the situation: At least you'll make some extra cash!

But others are so hell-bent on keeping their days off sacred that they'll give any excuse in the book not to have to haul themselves into work on a day that should be spent filled with merriment, hardcore lounging, and pretty much constant snacking. So when a Twitter user asked people to share a meme that perfectly represents that feeling when they see their boss calling them on their off day, the people delivered.

This infuriating scenario

When Twitter user Karl Scott posted an extremely irritating yet universally relatable scenario, the Tweets quickly came rolling in.

This diary entry

My favorite part about this meme is the pleasant expression that Taylor has on her face as she's writing this diary entry. I like to think that this is exactly the type of thing that her diary is filled with.

This quick hangup

One good method to responding to your boss trying to call you in on your day off is to just simply hang up. You can always blame it on bad reception.

This heartbreaking reality

I've been in this scenario more times than I can count. And it's always a struggle.

This perfect response

Cool story, bro! Let me know how that works out for you!

This appropriate 'Office' quote

Has there ever been a more appropriate Stanley Husdon quote for this exact scenario? Can you imagine what he would have said if Michael had asked him to come in on his day off? Probably something like this.

This "accident"

Darn it! I missed a call from my boss on my day off! Oh, well. I'm sure it wasn't for anything important.

This perfect weekend

Okay, so my weekends don't typically include getting blackout drunk, but that doesn't make them any less important. Charlie Day gets it.

This truthful notebook

Here's a tactic to try: When your boss does this, just take a screenshot of this meme and send it to them. They should get the point pretty darn fast.

This valid excuse

So what if you're a grown adult? If Mom says no, you can't go. That's just how society works.

This helpful piechart

This meme is absolutely perfect for this scenario since it very clearly gets your point across while still remaining professional. You should probably just keep this one on standby in your phone, just in case.

This theatrical response

As someone with a theater background, this one hits home for me. Who can argue with Shakespeare?!

This long journey

This one is just downright clever. Either this guy's boss is extremely gullible and will just believe this guy's story or they'll take pity on him for having to use public transportation

This over-the-top reaction

Okay, this guy's response is a tad much. But if he really hates coming into work on his days off this much, his boss should give him a break. Because he's clearly about to go off the deep end.

This amused reply

Sometimes in life, all you can do is laugh. And then cry, In fact, laugh-crying is one of my favorite hobbies.

This sad hope

Do people really still use the term "sike" anymore? Or is that just something we said as kids when trying to trick our younger siblings into thinking we were doing something nice for them?

This good excuse for cardio

Nothing will make me run faster than when I'm running away from my obligations. And yet, they always seem to catch up to me...

This believable response

If you're going to fake being sick to get out of work, at least put some effort into it. Once, in college, I had a friend pretend to be an ER doctor in order to get out of going to my dreaded waitressing job. It's called "going the extra mile," people. Try it out sometime.

This legendary quote

What a thoughtful speaker that Rosa Parks was. Almost brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?

This best-selling book

It's not hard to see why this book was a #1 best-seller. I would read it cover to cover.

This internal struggle

To answer, or not to answer. On one hand, you'll get paid. On the other, you'll have to put pants on.

This durable receiver

I know how you feel, girl. Why can't we all just be independently wealthy and never have to work another day in our lives? Is that really so much to ask?

This hard pass

Simon gets it. He would never put up with being called in to film an American Idol show on his day off.

This dream scenario

There have been countless times in my life where I wished I could just disappear entirely instead of being forced to deal with an unwanted situation. A girl can dream, can't she?

This relatable Spongebob

What do you think Mr. Krabs would have said if he asked Spongebob to come into the Kusty Krab on his day off and he responded with this? Let's be real. Spongebob ALWAYS "feels like" going into work.

This smart move

As an outspoken Libertarian, Ron Swanson probably hates going into work pretty much every day of the week anyway. So to be asked to come in on his day off? Well, this would happen.

This mad Mariah

Here's a tip: When your boss asks you to sacrifice your weekend by coming into work, try channeling your inner diva. What would Mariah do in this situation? Honestly, probably slap someone.

This silent response

Sometimes, all it takes is a quick hand gesture to get your point across. No, not that hand gesture. You are talking to your boss, after all.

This refreshing drink

I'd love to keep a case of these cans in my fridge to bust out whenever anyone asked me to do something awful. At least they'd get a cool, refreshing drink as a consolation prize.

This accurate representation of me on the weekends

This meme pretty much sums up the main reason why the thought of being called into work on the weekend is a horrible one. I look like this pretty much the entire time. And it takes a lot of effort to not look like this.