Cat lovers; we know that there is nothing you wouldn't do for your cat BFF. They are your right-hand pet, your faithful feline friend, the one constant source of love and entertainment in your life.

When it comes to buying them a gift or a new toy, you know that each gift is precious and that they truly deserve it. Plus, if you don't give them nice things, they might try to destroy your life. So how do we appease the modern, angsty, slightly evil cat of today?

We've found the perfect gift your cat, who loves to scratch things but also plans to take over the world in their spare time. The Cat Tank scratching post can be purchased online for your pet, and it might be the greatest or most terrifying gift to give to your cat.

There's nothing like love from your cat.

They are furry, intelligent, sassy and sometimes loyal.

They are simple creatures.

Although it seems like all they do now is sleep and sleep some more, they actually have busy schedules.

Don't be fooled, they love to play.

Although cats seem like the quiet, calm type, many cats love to play and can be found with a string or a box having a grand old time.

Cats need to be entertained!

You could spend hundreds on cat toys to keep them entertained. Worth it? Absolutely.

So what is the best way to keep them entertained?

If we don't keep giving them the nicest toys, they may up and leave us. Their loyalty is mostly conditional. They could run away and find a home with better food and cooler toys.

Cats are still cats.

They love being scratched, but they also love scratching things. Lots of things. Sometimes expensive things. And sometimes it's you they scratch.

No one wants to see their cat use such a boring old toy.

Here's that basic scratching posts that cats are so used to. Boring, plain and super basic.

Your cat deserves more!

Listen, we both know that your cat is not basic, and deserves the finer things in life. If you do your research, you'll find that there are some classy and hilarious scratching posts that your favorite feline will love way more than just a plain old post.

Let's explore our options.

Another well-known fact is that your cat might be planning world domination.

Don't be in denial.

I know your cat is so sweet and innocent and loves to cuddle, but that doesn't mean they aren't trying to take over the world in their spare time.

So how do we appease your cute, but slightly evil cat?

It seems almost impossible to please these creatures, but we think we've found the perfect solution.

Introducing, the Tank.

Suck UK, a company that makes awesome and weird gifts, has invented the Cardboard Tank cat scratching post, and it has blown us away.

Your cat will feel right at home.

Clearly, these cats have no problem settling into their new vehicles for mass destruction. It's an ideal situation for them.

It's cute, but I'm also scared.

This cat fits like a dang glove inside the tank, but the look in its eyes is almost freaky. Why does he look so comfortable and so evil in there?

It's fully functional!

They even made a movie to show how awesome your cat would look in this tank, leading it one step closer to world domination.

It's way too easy.

It's made of cardboard, so no complications there. The website declares it needs no glue and assembly is quite easy. The turret swivels and moves so your cat can aim at all its enemies with ease.

It might be the perfect gift.

Cats are really enjoying their control and potential for war on humans and thanks to their new army tank, they get just that.

Cats don't know their own strength!

This cat overpowered the tank and crushed it by pure force. I'm telling you, these creatures are dangerous.

General Furry Face, reporting for duty.

He's taking charge and he's not afraid to run you over if you get in his way.

If your cat isn't into military action, there are some other great options.

Maybe your cat is more into the black market or taking over the world through the Internet. Well, lucky for your nerdy cat, we've got a gift for them too.

You could get them a laptop scratching post!

If your cat wants to type away and send some hate emails and plan with other cats via Facebook about world domination, Suck UK sells these laptop scratching posts as well.

This is how cats act anyways when you are on your own computer.

Cats can't stand when other objects get more attention than them, so this cat laptop will satisfy them, or at least distract them while you try to work.

Their very own mousepad.

This should keep them busy for awhile. Hopefully.

Or maybe your cat is really into music!

If you have a cat that loves to dance and might have a future in the music industry, there's a scratching post for them too.

Your cat is about to mix it up!

You can purchase the Scratch Turn Table that lets your cat pursue their DJ dreams.

That's one fluffy DJ.

Don't be surprised if your cat starts staying up crazy late and inviting over all the cats in the neighborhood for weekend house parties.

When your kids pick up the family business.

This cat is planning on taking over the DJ family business. Next step: taking over the world with fire music.

Maybe not the friendliest DJ.

Cats may not make the nicest DJs, but they are probably good at mixing songs together.

Now THIS is a happy cat!

If you don't own cats, you might not understand this, but this is the posture of a very content cat. Despite his serious face, he's actually very excited.

Cats need more ways to dominate the world, and you better comply.

Cats are thriving from these new scratching opportunities, ultimately furthering their calling to take over the world.

Every cat in the world will want these new scratching posts.

If you don't order it for your cat, I'm sure they will figure out a way to order it for themselves. Don't be surprised to see some money missing from your account.

Don't make your cat wait, it could be dangerous.

Now that your cat knows these scratching posts are out there to be purchased, don't make them wait. Their evil plotting will begin with you.

Your cat is patiently waiting.

And by patiently, I mean secretly devising a plan to attack you in your sleep if you don't order it ASAP.

Get your wallets out.

Don't fight it, just give in to the fact that cats will someday rule the world. Go ahead and order these scratching posts and share the news with all of your fellow cat lovers.