Your Cat Needs This Wall-Mounted Bubble Window Bed | 22 Words

As anyone who owns a cat will know, these creatures love to be treated like royalty. They like to eat the finest food, receive the finest cuddles, and, most importantly, sleep in the finest beds.

Well, all of you cat owners out there will be pleased to hear that the guys over at Myzoo have created the perfect bed for your pampered feline... And it is incredibly affordable.

Keep scrolling to read more about these quirky cat beds, and to find out where you can get one for yourself.

This wall-mounted bubble bed is here to conquer all other cat beds.

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Long gone are the days where your cat sleeps in a mediocre, lumpy bed thrown in the hall - Now, your cat can majestically snooze in this incredible new bubble bed.

The bed is available in a variety of different wooden tones...

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Spruce, walnut, and white ash. It also features one large hole for the cat to climb in and out of and 4 smaller air holes which not only create better air circulation, but reduce the echo that may occur in a surrounded space.

And the convex acrylic bubble will give your cat a great range of vision.

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Sitting above the rest of the family in a spaceship-like cocoon - It's every cat's dream come true, isn't it?

And, if you don't fancy the idea of your cat watching down on you every day...

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The bed can very easily be fashioned safely on the ground for your cat to stroll in and out of. Though we all know that the cat would rather it be up on the wall...

The bed comes in at a very affordable $135...

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Which gives you very little excuse to treat your cat with their very own bubble bed. Trust me, your cat will thank you...