Your New Life Goal Will Be to Visit This Corgi Cafe | 22 Words

As if the food, scenery, and culture weren't enough to make you want to visit Thailand, there is now a cafe full of corgis that you can visit. I know. It seems too good to be true. It is called Corgi in the Garden, it is in Bangkok, and it is a literal slice of heaven for anyone who loves animals, dogs, and specifically, those low-walking butt-waddlers called corgis.

It all started when the cafe owner, Tanchanok Kanawaong, had a surprise litter of corgi puppies. She didn't plan on having a dog-themed cafe, but all of a sudden, there were 12 corgis running around the premises, so it just kind of snowballed from there. And we are so glad it did because it looks like the funniest, cutest cafe in the world. All the corgis are trained and ecstatic to see new customers. They have names like Porkchop, Pumpkin, Salmon, and Bean. And they are cuter than you can imagine. Without further ado, pictures from the corgi cafe...

Corgi butts

I mean, how can you even resist? Corgi butts are the best butts. I don't think that's a controversial claim to make.

Friends on friends

Just look at them! You can tell that they're all buds and they like hanging out together, but they are also ready to pounce and cuddle some cafe customers STAT.

Treat time

OK, I'm not joking, I have had literal dreams where I am the woman in this photo. Also, I have that pillow. It's from IKEA.

Nap time

This was when some of the corgis were still pups, tuckered out from a long day of getting pet and pampered. Too cute.

Good boy

This smooshy pup is the best boy! He knows how to balance his treat on his nose and wait for the word! The next one is too precious...

Basket pup

Just a beautiful corgi sitting in a basket waiting for pets on the head. That smile is too perfect.

Belly rubs

I have never wanted to be part of a picture so much. Squeeze me right between those precious pups. Don't worry; I'll bring the belly rubs.


These two twinsies are laser-focused on that croissant in your hand. Just know that once you finish it, they will be there to lick the butter off your fingers.

Play time

If you were worried that these corgis are living a confined life, don't be. They get to exercise three times a day, have so many toys and blankets to choose from, and meet new people every day.

One big happy family

I'm sorry but I simply cannot get over the idea of a corgi named Dean. It's so perfect I want to cry. Now we're getting to the puppies...


Look at those walking nugget hot dogs. I cannot. Corgi puppies make no sense, like, physically, they seem impossible, but they exist, and we are all better for it.


The fluffiness of a corgi puppy is incomparable. I honestly don't understand how they get away with being this cute. It shouldn't be allowed.


Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say! In this case, the dream is an entire cafe full of corgis. And it is working.


Can you even with that smile? I think you probably cannot even. I know I cannot even. Who could even? No one, that's who.


Hey, where'd you get this photo of me eating a danish? The next one is to cute for words...


AGLKASDNGPKDANG. What? I told you it was too cute for words!

Order up

"Hi, yes, I'll have a nitro cold brew, a whole platter or pastries, and one butt rub please! For here. I live here. I'm a corgi."


Look at those ears. They look so soft and so perfect. I want to whisper all my secrets into those ears.


It's hard being a pup in a cafe, constantly fed treats and cuddled by loving patrons. It's not an easy life being so coddled.

Tongues out

The Queen of England knew what she was doing when she surrounded herself with corgis. The best is yet to come...

Couch buds

Honestly, I don't trust anyone who doesn't let their dog up on the couch. I have a dog on my lap right now. It's the best thing in the world.


If I was going to the corgi cafe, I would make sure to fill all my pockets with treats so they followed me and only me around while I was there.

Go time

These corgis know when you have a treat in your hand and they are ready to snatch it away. Luckily, there's usually more where that came from.


Honestly, this just isn't fair, and I don't appreciate people flaunting their experiences at the corgi cafe when I have not been there myself. It's irresponsible.


Oh yeah, you can also get delicious drinks at the corgi cafe. But more importantly, the corgis are everywhere all the time. The next one is ridiculous...

PJ party

I don't think you should put your dog in clothes if it makes them uncomfortable. That being said, if a dog loves PJs, as this corgi clearly does, please go for it.

Sunny day

I can think of literally nothing I would rather do than sit and relax and pet a pile of puppies. Just looking at this picture is calming me down.

Sleepy boy

What a tired smush-face. In case you were wondering if these corgis were living the life or not, here's your proof.

Yard runs

As I said, these corgis get out into the yard and run around regularly. It's called Corgi in the Garden for a reason!

Band of corgis

In conclusion, get someone who looks at you like these corgis look at anyone. Share this with a corgi lover in your life!